Winter Solstice

I love celebrating the solstices!  Winter solstice especially.  There is nothing better than celebrating the light shedding the darkness.
We have  a tradition of celebrating the solstices and equinoxes with friends. It is always ever so special to me to join together and celebrate the turning of the wheel of the seasons.   The seasons affect us on so many levels and it's important for me to acknowledge the changes and celebrate them.  I am a creature of the sun and feel the affects of the darkness.  The month of November makes things a little harder to get up in the morning and feel motivated.  I greet the longer days with my appreciation for the affect of light on my spirit. This year we gathered in the woods for a sledding party, singing, eating and making charms for our homes. 
The 21rst of December feels special to me. Not only do the days get longer but it's the day where I gave birth to Owen.  It's been  6 years ago already and I can't believe that my baby is no longer a baby.  Hi is growing fast and I am loving watching the transformation of him coming into himself.  He is so confident these days and full of ideas.  I love my Owen :) 
 The web of life keeps spinning stories of our past.  As our children age so do we.  May you take life by the horns and live in the presence of every moment. 

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