Phew! It's me coming up for air.  I have been a like a little seed embedded in the earth waiting for spring.  Yes, I have been hiding out from blogging and it's been a nice break.  I come back with many new and exciting things.  Don't you love that word EXCITING?  I love that word because sometimes life can seem so mundane and routine like. 

What's all the excitement about?  Well for one thing tomorrow night is Monday, and Zoe, Owen and I's, first Cub pack meeting.   Just but a few hours ago I finished the requirement to become a leader and to me that is very exciting.  What is so exciting about become a cub leader?  As a leader I will be planning fun and challenging adventures for children between the ages of 8-10.  Adventures like camping, water sports, games, and fun activities that will help them in their confidence, self-reliance and leadership skills.  Also,  I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and this is my way of helping, giving back to my community.

With the motto "Do your best" cubs will be fun, engaging and challenging for us a family.  All 3 of us are really excited.  Owen has been wearing his grey cub shirt all weekend.  I must admit that Zoe is less enamored with the shirt since it doesn't say "Joshua Perets" in big flashy colours but alas she is excited.  Her badge poster is posted on her wall and ready to go. I look forward to sharing this experience together.

Excitement #2
Will have to wait as all the plans are yet to be finalized.  I will let you know on Wednesday when I meet with a very special lady to iron out the details.  Let's just say it will bring me deeper into myself. 

This weekend we went for a walk in the Gatineau woods.  It was a great afternoon.  The trail led from Lac O'brien's parking lot in Chelsea and brought us to a pretty waterfall and some ruins. we hiked about 2.5 km to get to pretty waterfall and a place surrounded by trees that made me feel like we had traveled thousands of miles. We were joined by friends and it was a great way to connect, get exercise and be in nature. There is nothing like  a walk amongst trees to ease stress and remind myself that I am just a spec in this very huge universe. 

Ian and Avery my niece and nephew stayed with us for the weekend and joined us on our walk.  I love these 2 pics.  Above Ian is giving Avery a piggy back.  Below Avery is walking the trail bare footed as she let one of shoes fall into the rushing water of the falls.  Oops! Sorry Mad, new shoes for Avery.  I love how the light touches her face and that expression, just beautiful.

There is a very big part of my life that I have not mentioned in this post and that is daycare.  It is September and we have integrated some new families.  You will have to check later on in the week for that update.  Just to say I love my daycare family!  I love that I love my job.

Now it's time for me to curl under the covers and read the 3rd book from the series "A Game of Thrones" by George R. R. Martin.  Wherever you are and whatever time it is for you; Have a good one :)