We just got back from our Christmas in Corbeil (where I grew up). The drive was beautiful. I couldn't help myself but take pictures of ice glistening in the sunlight.

Part of my New Year's resolution is to take the time to see the world around me, to take
in the moments. I notice that when I am present to the now time slows down.

Now that I am a mother of 2 time seems to have accelerated and I am into taking deep
breaths and making life slow down a bit. I want to cherish this nectar of life.


Ice Storm

There is beauty all around me. I walked through the woods. Everything is frozen. The pine trees are heavy with clear, beautiful sparkling ice! There is a surface of ice on everything! The branches glisten. The stream bubbles under its frozen surface. My feet crunch through the snow and the cracking of branches fall and startle me. My snow shoe tracks from yesterday are there, frozen in time.


My Gift to Myself

I sit here on Lac St. Antoine. It is peaceful, it is quiet. There are no children bustling about only me and my thoughts.

My gift to me this Christmas is solitude. A quiet space to reflect and be present to myself.

Funny when I arrived here I felt a well of emotion. Life has been particularly stressful as of late and I tend to hold things in, to keep going as though everything is fine. Arriving here among the trees, in the quiet of nature I am finally relaxed and letting go. Tears have welled and passed. It feels good to be real.

Celebrating Christmas day alone is proving to be great fun! My first adventure was taking an hour long Epsom salt bath where I laid there letting go of the past 2 weeks. I simply relaxed.
even more.

later still...
I've been on a snow shoe adventure. I crossed a stream, climbed a steep hill and laid in the snow with my back to the ground, gazing up at the tree tops. Sometimes I need a different perspective.

Even more later still...
This is enough blogging for me. I hope you have a great time with your families. I am soon going to close the computer and take the next little while cyber space free. Merry Christmas!~



There is something in the air on this day and night of Christmas Eve, an anticipation, and a feeling of something special. It goes way back to when I was a child. Of course I loved the gift opening what child wouldn't but it's not the gifts that stand out. It's the car ride to church. It's those times in the car where lazy snow flakes fell from the dark sky and Christmas carols played on the radio. It's this very simple car ride with my father driving, my mother sitting beside him and my sister and brother at my side that brings me feelings of nostalgia. As I watched out the window as the colours of Christmas decorated people's homes and a feeling of something intangible lived inside of me. Was it contentment, happiness? I don't know it's hard to describe. If time would permit I would now sit in that Oldsmobile and gaze out that window once again. What nostalgic feelings live in you?


Sleigh Ride

A new tradition has sprung. We just got back from a sleigh ride at Pinto Valley Ranch and Oh! what a good time we had!!! From the minute we got there we were greeted by a very vibrant, confident 8 year old girl by the name of Reece. She was the perfect tour guide and began by showing us the animals in the barn. There were horses, Lamas (my favorite) and new piglets born this morning. Unfortunately the piglets came with a sad story. The mother birthed 6 (I believe) and only 2 remained as she'd sat on the newborns and suffocated them. Even while we admired the wee ones the humongous mother was having problems caring for her young without sitting on them! Oh! How sad we all felt for her. In the time we had our sleigh ride and came back another piglet was in need of help. Her mother had sat on her too many times and Tracy the owner of Pinto carried her in her coat to keep her warm. They will keep vigil overnight and care for her in hopes of saving her. Zoe went to bed wondering she is going to make it.
The sleigh ride itself was wonderful! The crescent moon shone upon us and the stars shone bright. I think we've found a new yearly tradition :) I hope the beginning of winter has found you in many new adventures with lots of learning. Ciao for now.


Solstice 2009

From this day forward everyday will be brighter! It's winter solstice and five years ago I gave birth to Owen my youngest. Time flies and I no longer have a baby but 2 young children.

Yesterday we celebrated the coming of light with friends. We sang and ate it was delightful. There is nothing like celebrating the seasons, being grateful for the light that is coming our way. Have a great solstice and remember to spread light wherever you go :)

There is Peace found in the Breath

When I get stressed and life gets overwhelming my breath becomes short and resides in my upper chest. With this comes feelings of anxiety and fear. As I become aware of my body and the tension in my rib cage I take deep breaths. I breath deeply and slowly. I relax my body. With each breath I feel myself relaxing letting go, grounding myself into the now and begin to see things more clearly. I have learned and still learning that long deep breathing is where I can find my peace of mind......

Go ahead take a long deep breath......Take another.......and another.....and notice the change that happens within. Peace of mind begins within. :)


Fairy Surprise

We've been cutting, sewing and needle felting and our little stockings hang from our seasonal
wreath. Little fairies will soon be by to drop little surprises in each stocking. We are excited for the fairies to come. We are excited for many things. I hope the excitement of the holidays has found you and your family. Many warm wishes to you!

Let it Snow :)


I love you

There is something to be said for the words "I love you" from the sweet voice of a sweet child half asleep...I love you too...


Snow Day

I hope you had a good snow day. We had a love in, it was wonderful with lots of playing, singing and being together. Enjoy the snow!

Did you know that if you wear your pajamas inside out it's going to snow? This is Zoe's theory and she is testing her theory out and sleeping this very moment with her pajamas inside out. I am not sure if it's snowing but the wind sure is howling! I hope she is right because I am craving more snow.
Have yourself a great day.
It's blowing snow outside and it's a snow day, no buses but a house full of kids. We are snug as a bug in our beautiful space celebrating our first snow day!



I love my sister. This past weekend we spent some time together in the woods with our kids. Even though we live in the same city and I care for her child we don't get to spend much time together. I love spending time with her. There are so many things I admire about her and one of them being her sense of humor and wit. Together we can fall into fits of laughter by a simple phrase or look. She is a special person and in this coming year I vow to spend more quality time with my younger sister whom I love very much.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
Mister Nelson Mandela


Family Time

To connect with my kids I sit down with them and have family art time. We light candles sit in a circle and allow the creative juices to flow. I really cherish these times. The house is quiet, the candles send warmth and there is a specialness that flows between us, binding us, creating ties. These times are precious to me.


Be happy

Be happy in the morning with what you have.
Be happy in the evening with what you are.
- Sri Chinmoy


Sharing cup

Things have been hectic around my family life. Zoe and Owen have been fighting more than usual and testing boundaries. I am finding myself getting frustrated and feeling guilty as a result. I hate that feeling of guilt it seems to creep in and leaves me wondering, aching for wisdom in my parenting skills. This evening after yet more fighting I decided to change things up a bit. I told the kids that after supper we were going to have sharing cup.

A sharing cup is akin to a talking stick. A cup is filled with herbal tea and each person sitting in a circle takes a turn sharing her/his feelings. The others in the circle stay present and holds the space for the person who is sharing. After sharing, the person takes a sip and passes the cup to the next person. I've done this ritual many times with my women friends.

Well tonight I did that with my kids and it was awesome!!! We went to the loft upstairs, lit 6 candles, sat in a circle and took turns sharing. What we shared wasn't all that significant but what came of it was most wonderful. We felt heard, listened to and loved. We even did a short meditation afterward. It was awesome and we plan on doing it more often. Now I am going to take a bath and go to bed guilt free and happy. See ya!


I am thoroughly enjoying working with people again. Having the presence of another adult is truly a blessing. Not only do we share the work load but it's nice to have someone to converse with, to bounce ideas off of and simply be with. I have been doing daycare for almost 5 years and those years were by myself. The winters were particularly hard and I ended up feeling very insulated from the outside world. This experience from working alone to working with 2 great women makes me realize that people really do need people.



I've gotten back into knitting. Knitting always makes me feel connected to my grandmother. She taught me when I was twelve. My grandmother was an amazing woman who raised 9 children. In those days she knit not for pleasure but as a necessity to keep her family warm. As a woman she was strong and lived through many hard times. Her spirit lives in me and I feel her strength.


Milkweed Pods

This spring as the earthed warmed from it's winter's sleep I was enthralled (like I always am) by new growth. As little seeds opened themselves up to the wonder of living things, I watched with fascination at the workings of nature. In the spring plants began as young shoots and by fall have transformed into something very different. One plant that caught my attention was milkweed.

In early spring when it just begins it's rise towards the sky and is less than 15cm tall, it is edible. I've never tried one but it is said to be as delicious as asparagus, cooked greens or vegetables. There are poisonous look alike so be wary. When I get to know the plant and am positive in identifying it, I will become familiar with it's taste. Until then I am observing and learning.

As it gets energy from the sun, minerals from the earth and water from above it grows and flourishes into a plant as high as 5 ft tall. In late summer flowers bloom and become a haven for monarch butterflies, honey bees, humming birds and other insects.

Soon comes fall and flowers turn into pods where silky white milkweed fluff is stored. I recently found a patch of these tear dropped pods and collected them for the children in my life. I knew that these treasures would bring excitement and awe to their great, creative minds.

The pods were opened and small fingers took out the soft fluff. Each pod holds many seeds and each seed a new plant. We watched as the breeze gently carried the seeds away, drifting, floating like a dream. Without a word or a formal lesson children understood the importance of wind in the cycle of life. Stories are like that sometimes told without a word, without a sound and felt in a space that is deep within.

Here is an empty pod that we will keep for a future craft. With our imaginations we will find a creative use for it, a boat perhaps, a flower petal maybe, time will tell. I love how mother nature provides us with craft supplies that are free and biodegradable. Thank you mother Earth for providing us with such abundance. :)

Before I leave you, here is a little verse to do with your friends:

In a milkweed cradle all close and warm,
(place cupped hands together)

Little seeds are hiding safe from harm.
(keep hands closed)

Open wide the cradle now. Hold it high.
(open cupped hands, raise them above your head)

Come along wind, help them fly.
(Sway open hands in the air).

Taken from Earthways by Carol Petrash which is a great book if
you are looking for activities that are simple and earth friendly.
Ciao for now!


It's November and this is when I take a break from the world and retreat. At night I do bed time routine with the kids, take a bath and curl up under the covers with my book. In all of that I am working on feeling guilt free from my lack of productivity, things have been put on hold and that's ok. I hope you are well. :)


There is something about walking through the woods that is grounding for me. There is peace to be found in the serenity of trees, the beauty of water, the sun shining, clouds roaming the sky...
Within this beauty there is a silence a powerful strong silence that says "I am here". It says that compared to all there is you are small and insignificant and within all of that I hear another voice that whispers; "yet as insignificant as you are, you are part of it all."

I felt this strength of the Great Mother as I hiked through the woods with my dear friend Jay. She (Earth Mother) touched, caressed and grounded me and reminded me of the need to keep grounded within myself. I found this grace as I often do while in nature.

We began our forest walk on a well trodden path which led us to a beautiful lake. Here we decided to go around the lake. In this decision we found ourselves bush whacking it, trail breaking around the body of water.
We were grateful to be wearing good rubber boots as they waded through cold water and climbed rocks. We felt joy as our feet connected to the ground that makes up this huge planet that we live on.

Every turn held a surprise, bright green moss, huge mushrooms, a beaver damn...

a reflection of God's gifts .

Busy beavers left signs of their work.

Mushrooms of different kinds adorned trees and sprouted through wet earth.

By the time we circled around the lake the sun was setting. We took a moment to
sit back and appreciate the sun set. I felt so blessed to be there in that
moment with the sun and it's display of colors, the cool air caressing my skin
and with a great companion.

The sun at our backs we began the long journey home. As our feet walked through rusty leaves the sky became silver with moon light. The full moon graced us with her presence and
lit our way home.

I am so affected by the cycles of year. In spring I feel like a new woman and so alive and marvel at new growth. Summer is the season where I swim, canoe, kayak and enjoy the warmth of the sun. As fall arrives I am ready for entering the dark months of reflection. As a Canadian I often complain of the cold months. I am making a promise to myself to no longer complain of mother nature's expressions. I vow to live in the moment with what is, to always stay in awe of the great landscape that I am presented with in any given moment.
In these moments I come to realize that I have all that I need, that nothing is more important than what I already have; my health, clothing, good food, a comfortable home and most importantly my family and great friends.
Blessings to you!

That night when we arrived home we ate by candle light :)