The Pumpkin and The House

In my garden grows a pumpkin 
turning orangey gold. 
Along came a little mouse,
so the story's told.
Nibble nibble went the mouse
Till the pumpkin was a house
With two big windows and a door, 
And softest feathers on the floor.
There the mouse lived well I know,
Even when it began to snow. 


Back at It

Last night I hosted my very first workshop at the Whitehouse. If you are unfamiliar with the Whitehouse, it is not the US parliament.  It is a building in the woods up in the hills near Wakefield.  It use to be owned by the church and was a scout camp.  Throughout the years it got neglected until Jay my partner bought it and brought it back to life.  It is on a beautiful lake and is full of light and life.  I have a felting studio in the space and I am ever so grateful. 

Last night's workshop was felting a mouse and a house.  It was fun.  It had been over a year since I hosted a workshop of the like and I must say that I have missed it.  Felting is so easy and a great way to work with your hands while getting to know people from the community.  If you are interested in felting up in the hills stay tuned there is more to come! I hope you are enjoying this glorious fall weather that we have been having.  Cheers.

In the felting studio, notice the bright colours!

Our felted art.