With camera in hand we set out into the woods. It was a perfect spring day with sun rays warming our faces and the sing song of birds chirping us along.  We walked passed the bubbling stream that is always an enchantment as it's transformation from season to season is a story of frozen caves, to swells of water rolling, tumbling, cascading down rocks. Not but a few weeks ago we were snow shoeing through these trails feeling the silence in the dead of winter and now the forest is bustling with life.  Flowers pushing through dead leaves, reaching, stretching for the sun and Ferns unfurling into their greatness.  Our walk brought us deep into the woods to the second lake where we sat on a log. We noticed the big birds nest perched high up a dead tree.  Soon we saw the owner of the nest a great blue heron. She glided in the air with the blue sky as her back drop, she was beautiful. She swooped towards the nest, her wing span was large as she glided with grace.  Circling the nest her long neck stretched, looked and flew right by.  Weary of our presence she stayed away from the nest and perched at the very top of a great big tree, she sat, waiting.


Last weekend as I was leaving my friend's magical cottage on the lake I stopped dead in my tracks. A  Great Blue Heron was wading at the shore line showing his great majestic presence.  We both stood in stillness aware of each other, afraid to move.  My camera was buried deep into my bag which I carried on my shoulder,  I reached in ever so carefully with the awareness that my moving might send the great bird into flight.  We stayed into one another's awareness long enough for me to get these shots.  There is beauty all around us, it is up to us to notice and feel gratitude for what is there.


When shopping for toys and crafting supplies I look for quality and Earth friendly products. 3 Little Monkeys is one of my favorite stores to shop for my kids and daycare. It is bright, colourful and has thoughtful, beautiful products. It also has a great arts and crafts section which is a bonus for me. I feel so passionate about this store that I have posted this post with hopes that you will check it out. It also feels good to buy from a store that is locally owned :)
Happy things for happy kids on a happy planet.
Nice things   
 Simple things for a simpler life.
Be Earth Friendly

  Fair trade for the better of all
Natural Products
- Wool, Wood, Paper, Cotton, Organic
  3 Little Monkeys does not only sell conscious toys but toys packaged in a conscious way. If the toy is not Earth friendly and packaged in an Earth friendly way you will not find it on their shelf. .  

"Children are creative beings by nature"-
Good quality crayons
Water Colour Paints

    Another reason I really like this store is that they offer plenty of open ended toys which I think is very important in nurturing our children's creativity.

3 Little Monkeys is Growing!
    This fantastic store has a new space and is twice the size as previously.It has front stroller access which is important for them since they have lots of strollers.  They also will have the space for workshops ( cloth diaper, baby wearing, arts and craft seminars and craft workshops (yes, I will host one soon!)


      Our Space and Creative Play

      We have simplified our toys and got rid of the ones that were not being played with. We kept all natural toys and it's amazing to watch the transformation as the children begin to use the simpler toys in a more meaningful way. I love watching children at play when they are focused and connected to their creative spirit. We provide a lot of open ended toys like silk scarves that can be anything the imagination will allow it to be, a skirt, a cape, a table cloth, a river, a flag in the wind and more. We offer these toys so the children can broaden their minds and keep that gift of thinking outside of the box. Blocks are also a fascination as towers, castles, houses, airplanes and machines are built. It is the pleasure of creating that keeps the mind focused and strengthens creative thought.

      We have this little wooden box which I didn't know what to do with. It stayed on the shelf empty and for the moment I thought useless. When I got back into the room a doll laid in it, with a bean bag as a pillow, covered by a silk scarf to keep it warm. A baby cradle what a great idea! I am always learning from the little people in my life.


      Moments are precious and children have a natural affinity for living in the present. 
      They are my example of taking each breath in and each moment as it is.  

      Today our affirmation has been 
      " I am great, no matter what!"