In psychology they talk of the older child associating with their father.  I definitely fit that picture. I am the oldest of 3 and ever since I was a little girl,  I felt that my character was closer linked to my adventurous father who likes to travel, meet people and make things.  If ever you went to my parents in the woods you would find an A frame house,  a barn, shed and log cabin all built by the hands of a great man, my father. 

My father now walks with a walker and is of sorts half the man he use to be.  It takes much effort to pronounce his words and his smile is a little lopsided.  Although time has taken it's toll on his body I can still see his spirit shine through.  Although he is physically weaker I see his sentimentality,  I feel his love for me, for his children.  My father a great man with whom I will carry on his  spirit for great adventure and his spirit for creating something from nothing.  
Daddio,  I love you!  Never will I forget the fishing trips in your aluminum boat, the camping trips or rides to my ringette games.  Even when you are gone and generations have passed where our names have faded in the etches of time our spirit will still be pulsating through generations to come.   Keep your smile daddio, keep your smile.


Anonymous said...

My best memories are with my cousins, and my aunt and uncle in Astorville. Never wanting to leave the wonderful environment in the woods. Happy, adventurous, always busy and interested in everything you can think of. The funniest is when we forgot the shampoo at the dock and Daddio had to wash his hair with soap.

The GreenLunns said...

Love you sister. That's a great picture of Daddio. Captures his Elvis spirit.