Wow! Check out the Funky Mamas in Northern Canada.  I often forget of the rich culture that we Canadians have way up north of here.  Beautiful pictures and it looks like a great Canadian experience. Go! Mamas! Go!


This morning at 09:00 the Funky Mamas set off into the great big sky heading towards Igloolik. Tucked in their bags was 3lbs of wool and the possibility for a great adventure.  Have fun Mamas and take lots of pictures!


A special part of our day is lunch time where we gather at the table, light a candle and take a few moments for inner silence.  It's the sweetest thing to see the children close their eyes and quietly sit in meditation.  A big part of this ritual is getting the children involved in serving our meal.  Children pass out plates, serve water, blow and light the candle. These are our magical moments!


This past weekend I found myself behind the wheel of my new car driving highway 7 to the 37 followed by the 401.   It was my first time driving on the multi-laned highway to Toronto. By the time I arrived in Guelph I had aged a few years and was white knuckled.  I was so proud of myself for doing something I had previously feared.  
I arrived at 18:30, just in time to make my 19:00 workshop which was a great success. We had 25 felters and a good portion were girls from the ages of 8 - 18.! It was beautiful to see their excitement as they opened up the doors to creative activity. They were so proud of what they made.  As the evening progressed and the dolls took shape a nice energy of companionship was formed.  
What's beautiful about giving these workshops is seeing works of art unfold and watch friendships form as people are absorbed in their handwork.


If you've tried felting you know that it can be addictive.  My first encounter with needle felting was 3 years ago.  After my first workshop I felted every minute I could get.  I felted late in the night for  4 nights and made 6 dolls!   I love working with wool, I find it very healing and satisfying.

This weekend I am off on another adventure.  I am driving up to Guelph in my new car (yes, I leased a car) and will give a needle felting workshop to the Funky Mama's community.  The workshop is a fundraiser to support their purchase of wool to bring up to Igloolik in the very north of Canada.  The wool will provide them the opportunity to give a workshop at the Rocking Walrus festival.  Check out this site for more information about  Igloolik:  It is the cutest little place and so beautiful.  One day I will explore the North of Canada.  For me life is but one big adventure.

The Funky's Mamas last visit to the magical house on the lake.
Here is a doll that Mama Chantal was inspired to felt! Her children named her Anna.


I look up and nature finds itself in a beautiful formation to admire. Clouds with the play of light is a continuous entertainment for me.  Often I find myself gazing up in a timeless drift. 


I am mesmerized by spring.  On my walks through the woods I am led to enchanted fields of flowers, smells and beautiful colour.  Spring bringing forth new life stirs within me inspiration. Inspiration to observe and be present to the beauty that surrounds me.  Whether it be a butterfly fluttering about, the sound of loons,  or a lady bug landing on my shirt for a short rest.  These simple moments bring glimpses of peaceful satisfaction.  There is no need to search very far for the mysteries of nature to reveal herself and bring forth the idea that a thread of all this existence and growth lives within me.  Surrounded by trees I feel them speaking to me. Speaking not in words but in their presence of strength.  Their strength is reflected in myself as I live this life and learn the lessons needed to be learned.  I navigate this plane often in wonder and often in complete gratitude for what is presented to me.  My secret to happiness is to always see things in a positive light.  To feel blessed with the experiences I bring forth and the beautiful people who grace my existence.  Spring has a way of carving this path of blessed gratitude.  Peace...