If you've tried felting you know that it can be addictive.  My first encounter with needle felting was 3 years ago.  After my first workshop I felted every minute I could get.  I felted late in the night for  4 nights and made 6 dolls!   I love working with wool, I find it very healing and satisfying.

This weekend I am off on another adventure.  I am driving up to Guelph in my new car (yes, I leased a car) and will give a needle felting workshop to the Funky Mama's community.  The workshop is a fundraiser to support their purchase of wool to bring up to Igloolik in the very north of Canada.  The wool will provide them the opportunity to give a workshop at the Rocking Walrus festival.  Check out this site for more information about  Igloolik:  It is the cutest little place and so beautiful.  One day I will explore the North of Canada.  For me life is but one big adventure.

The Funky's Mamas last visit to the magical house on the lake.
Here is a doll that Mama Chantal was inspired to felt! Her children named her Anna.

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