The Passing of Time

              Zoe's sand memoir

The days have rolled by and we find ourselves with 2 nights left. Like most things, this is bitter, sweet. It's sweet because the kids are missing their friends and school, which is great. There is nothing like a little backpacking to learn the gratitude of home. It's bitter, because although I look forward to seeing the cute little faces at daycare, I could keep travelling. It's in my blood. I inherited my sense of adventure from my dad, whom I love very much.  Thanks dad, I love this passion for adventure.

         Iguanas in downtown Playas

I have to be honest and say that the last couple of days have been hard, parenting days. The kids have been giving me a run for my money, and running circles around me, as I try every possible tactic to discipline and reign them in. Sometimes as a parent, I am left feeling powerless. Now, if you're a Parent, you might be able to relate to this, or you might not.  This morning I had, had enough of the disrespect and fighting, and we had a family meeting.  It was a great talk, where we shared our feelings and came to a reasonable understanding of our feelings. Sometimes, things need to come to a head, before we recognize that we need to have a heart to heart. Things have been running smoothly ever since, well maybe with a few hiccups.  In this I recognize a valuable lesson in learning how to move through conflict, to sit down and identify our feelings and learn how to express them.  All our time together has brought us all closer, even if there were times of annoyance and frustration.  After all life is but a series of ups and downs, it's a matter of learning how to deal with these ups and downs, with grace and dignity. 

                Hanging by the sea

Yesterday, we went on a boat trip to a nearby island. We saw dolphins, pelicans, boobies (type of bird) and other unfamiliar bird varieties. I must share with you a sad reality that exists right here on this land, and  it is the one of, garbage. In certain areas it looks like a landfill sight. The beach we visited yesterday was lined with garbage that rolled in with the tide. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, candy wrappers and undistinguishable things that have been warn down by the sea.  

              Garbage filled beach

Ottawa is such a clean city, which makes it easy to forget the impact our waste creates on this planet that we share.  For me seeing the beaches and street corners spoiled with garbage, hit home. This planet we live on, is utterly beautiful. It supplies us with the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath and the beauty that sings to our soul. It gives us so much and yet we rape it of it's generosity.  I could go on but will save you of my rant. 

                        Playas taxi

Tomorrow is Tyler's birthday and also the fundraiser. Carmen has been working very hard at putting it all together. Two of the authors of the books will be here and also the press. The event is titled, "The Festival of Happiness".  We look forward to sharing the fruits, of your generosity. 

                 I love sand dollars

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