The Eve to Ecuador

All or our bags are packed and kids are sleeping.  It's 11:30 and I just finished my scramble to get every little detail ready.

There were so many scrambles!  For one, there was a typo on Owen's passport. It read Conforth instead of Cornforth (note the missing "r").  That had me scrambling to the passport office, thank goodness they gave us a new one.  How did we ever get to Thailand last year?

There was the last minute shopping, when we discovered that Zoe outgrew her swim suit (do they ever stop growing?).  We found one tonight for way more money than I wanted to spend.

 There's the 2 school assignments, I just finished, 5 minutes ago.  Yes, you might not know this but I am in the process of getting my Early Childhood Education certificate.  I am having so much fun with the program.  I love learning and learning about children and education is very interesting.

The scrambles, the lists, the shopping, the planning is all worth it.

Tomorrow morning we are waking up at 4 to fly out at 06:30.  Ecuador will be an adventure for sure.  It will be our first time in this part of the world.  We will be landing in Quito which is 10,000 meters above sea level (hello altitude sickness).  This is followed by some time in Puyo and the Amazon (hello snakes, piranhas and pink dolphins!).  Last but not least, we will find ourselves on the beach in Playas.

We have our Fundraiser $$$ all tucked into my money belt. I raised nearly $500.  Jay also raised funds on his own.  I am not sure how much yet, stay tuned.   He is already in Ecuador, waiting for us.  We can't wait to see you Jayman!!!  I already know that a highlight of this trip will be spreading the good Canadian generosity to the Ecuadorian children.  So far we will donate money to a community in Puyo where my mother's cousin lives.  His wife is a teacher and once we get there we will find out how our donations will be spent.  In Playas we will be purchasing books written by Ecuadorian authors and giving them to a community of children.  We will keep you posted :)

There is still one loose end. Owen forgot his running shoes at school.  He will wear rain boots tomorrow and hopefully there are good deals at some airport!

Hasta Pronto (Spanish for see you soon!)

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