As you might know I have been helping host a dear friend from Thailand by the name of Oiy.  She is an amazing person, cook and masseuse. Saturday night we started working in the kitchen in preparation for hosting 30 people for a Thai meal.  We went to bed at 03:00 got up at 09:00 to get right back to..



Pounding (yes this is Oiy)

Frying and...


Working in the kitchen with Oiy is such a treat.  She is a person with great personality. Her laugh rings throughout the house and she is not shy to tell you what she thinks.  She is not the typical shy Thai woman.  As a young woman she received a scholarship  to cooking school and learned from the chef who cooked for the queen.  You might know that in Thailand the King and Queen hold great honour among their people. 

It's my fourth year cooking in the kitchen with Oiy and I love learning how to bring out Thai flavours in foods. I must admit that I need  a lot more lessons!

Spring rolls waiting their fate in the fryer.

The Partridge a Side Story

This story is not for the faint of heart.  When I told my friend Whitney her jaw hung low and she couldn't believe that we had done such a thing.  Another man (we won't mention his name) joked about calling the SPCA.  Ok, here it is.  It starts with Oiy giving me a massage, I am loving her hands kneading my sore 41 year old body when out of no where we hear a great, big, humongous BANG!  The sound came from the window right above us.  It was loud and startling.  We step outside to investigate and find a partridge lying on it's back claws shaking, body trembling and within seconds life leaves it's body to a better place.  As I stand there watching his pain I am reminded that life is precious and can be gone in an instant.  Next thing I know we are...

boiling him and Oiy plucks him.   We fry him with lots of garlic and yes eat him! He was delicious.  We did honour him with a little prayer of thanks.

My father is a hunter and as a child I went partridge hunting with him.  I have also had lots of moose and deer meat so for me this wasn`t all that strange but to some it might be very strange.


Karie said...

Sounds like good eats. Wish I'd been there and I'm especially bummed after reading your post about your dinner /cooking with Oiy. I really wish I'd been there - next year I'm in for sure.

tweal said...

I don't think the partridge thing is strange at all. In fact, I think it's pretty cool. Something was going to eat it, might as well be you :)

The GreenLunns said...

AWesome! Dad will be proud of you!

inspired moments said...

Thai food may be my favourite food in the world... And the was it is prepared with love and joy. Always delicious!!!

Fine Hand said...

mmm those spring rolls look delish!
never had partridge but my father used to hunt it too so i don't find it odd-