I waited for the phone call from my sister saying that her contractions had started. I was her doula and waited for the phone to ring with great excitement.  The phone call arrived on July 26th, Avery's due date. About 10 blocks separates my house from my sister's and I raced over.  When I arrived contractions were indeed being felt with not much rest in between. This little girl was coming and coming quick.  The midwife came and we drove through 5 o'clock traffic with ease and grace.  Although I did wonder what the other people in cars were thinking when they saw my sister draped over the back van seat, head hanging down, on all fours as I pushed into her back to alleviate the pain.

We arrived at the hospital humming through each contraction.  When Derek, Mad's (sister) husband arrived on the ward bearing bags the nurses said: "If you are looking for the humming ladies they are down there."  I had a real big belly laugh when I heard that...hehehe...still laughing.

It all went amazingly well with baby Avery born at 07:30 that night, mom did it all naturally.  She was strong. I could feel her strength and courage.  I marveled at the journey little Avery did coming down the birthing canal. It really is a miracle from conception to birth.

Welcome to this spinning planet little Avery.  I love you!


The sun kisses our skin.  Our smiles radiate light as we play and enjoy our summer days.  We are having a great summer!  The weather has been great for adventuring to wading pools and splash pads.  Last week at the Beech Street pool it was super hero day. Around here super heroes are popular. On any given day kids are running around with capes fluttering behind as they save the world from peril.   So super hero day at the pool was lived with passion and much fun!
  I love living in a city that offers so many programs for kids and families. We are truly blessed.  I often remind myself of how lucky I am to have all that I need.  I am in need of nothing and am grateful for what I have and that includes my friends, family and all the little ones that grace my life.  Thank you!


Lazy summer days, warm sun rays,  cool breezes and good friends.  We've been kissed by summer and loving it. There is not much time to blog these days as we spend our moments outside in the great outdoors far from the computer.  I hope you are enjoying the warmth and sunshine :)
Much Love to you...


Painting up a Storm

It is a pleasure to watch children play with colour!  Children love experimenting with paint.  Their paint brush becomes their magic wand and their imaginations is their canvas It's amazing how long the child will concentrate on something when he/she is thoroughly invested in what she/he is doing.

Here are some painting projects we've been working on. Painting outdoors is great!

I hope you are enjoying your summer :)  We've been living in the outdoors, gathering with friends and loving life.
Much love,