My Gift to Myself

I sit here on Lac St. Antoine. It is peaceful, it is quiet. There are no children bustling about only me and my thoughts.

My gift to me this Christmas is solitude. A quiet space to reflect and be present to myself.

Funny when I arrived here I felt a well of emotion. Life has been particularly stressful as of late and I tend to hold things in, to keep going as though everything is fine. Arriving here among the trees, in the quiet of nature I am finally relaxed and letting go. Tears have welled and passed. It feels good to be real.

Celebrating Christmas day alone is proving to be great fun! My first adventure was taking an hour long Epsom salt bath where I laid there letting go of the past 2 weeks. I simply relaxed.
even more.

later still...
I've been on a snow shoe adventure. I crossed a stream, climbed a steep hill and laid in the snow with my back to the ground, gazing up at the tree tops. Sometimes I need a different perspective.

Even more later still...
This is enough blogging for me. I hope you have a great time with your families. I am soon going to close the computer and take the next little while cyber space free. Merry Christmas!~

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Lek said...

It's really you Annie,It's remind me how sweet you are.Love your blog.