Sleigh Ride

A new tradition has sprung. We just got back from a sleigh ride at Pinto Valley Ranch and Oh! what a good time we had!!! From the minute we got there we were greeted by a very vibrant, confident 8 year old girl by the name of Reece. She was the perfect tour guide and began by showing us the animals in the barn. There were horses, Lamas (my favorite) and new piglets born this morning. Unfortunately the piglets came with a sad story. The mother birthed 6 (I believe) and only 2 remained as she'd sat on the newborns and suffocated them. Even while we admired the wee ones the humongous mother was having problems caring for her young without sitting on them! Oh! How sad we all felt for her. In the time we had our sleigh ride and came back another piglet was in need of help. Her mother had sat on her too many times and Tracy the owner of Pinto carried her in her coat to keep her warm. They will keep vigil overnight and care for her in hopes of saving her. Zoe went to bed wondering she is going to make it.
The sleigh ride itself was wonderful! The crescent moon shone upon us and the stars shone bright. I think we've found a new yearly tradition :) I hope the beginning of winter has found you in many new adventures with lots of learning. Ciao for now.

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