Today I am sharing with you some felted friends made by Theresa Flaherty.  Theresa started felting a little over a year ago and has since made wonderful creations that she gives away to family and friends.  I love getting a glimpse of other peoples imagination.  Our imagination is truly our playground. 



Wet Felting with children

When children are engaged with an activity that intrigues them, they can stay focused for a long period of time.  Here are some photos that were taken before Christmas where we sat down for about an hour and a half to wet felt a piece of felt with the intention of making a felted hearts for our Christmas trees. I realize that Christmas is long past and that your trees are all tucked away in your basements or has been whisked away by the big garbage truck but  Valentine's day is fast approaching, a great time for heart making. I will commit to creating a video tutorial and bring it on-line for your viewing this week! For now here are some photos with no directions.  Have a great week!




 Last week I had the honour of attending an evening of yoga with Gurmukh.  You might of heard of Gurmukh a popular yoga teacher from L.A.  She follows the Kundalini yoga traditions and Yogi Bhajan's teachings.  She has founded Golden Bridge yoga studio in L.A. and has authored books my favorites being; "The 8 human Talents" which describes the 8 chakras and "Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful" which is a wonderful book for expectant mothers.  This beautiful lady has been inspiring me since I was myself pregnant with Owen my second born.  She  has been practicing Kundalini yoga since the late 60's and looks great and beautiful.  The event was  at St. Brigid's Church for the arts in the market, it's a church that has now become a gallery and so beautiful.

Gurmukh speaks with eloquence, humour and grace

On this particulary snowy, icy night her message was about kindness.  Kindness is inherent in all of us.  If we do our yoga practice and let go of the trappings of the mind we fall into the space of our hearts which is naturally kind, giving and loving. It is there for all of us to give and experience in others.   When we hear the news we might think that the world is lacking in kindness, as fear sells but if we open our eyes, ears and heart to the world around us there is kindness everywhere.  From the simple gestures of a smile from a stranger, a hug from a loved one, a door being opened and all those small things that often go unnoticed.  Also we have arrived at a time where people are helping others in need more and more.   It is there to see for those who want to see.

Her talk was inspiring and since I have been looking at the world with new eyes, seeing the good and kindness that surrounds me.  Following her talk we did yoga and ended with a healing meditation. This was my favorite part of the evening  We were about 100 people sitting in a circle chanting Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung which is a healing chant.  We chanted for 11 minutes and held an orange to our hearts while vibrating the sounds.  Participants came in and out of the circle lying in the middle absorbing the healing vibrations of the chant. To some of you this might seem strange, chanting, holding an orange and creating healing vibrations. To me it is beautiful.  I love chanting in a big group of people,  the vibrations that we create together opens me up in a deep way.  It's hard to explain in words sometimes we need to experience something to fully understand it.  Once the 11 minutes were over we shared, traded oranges with someone else and quietly ate our citrus fruit.  It was a heart warming experience and I am still inspired by that one evening over a week ago.

Gurmukh and Annie Bananie

There is kindness, love and compassion that lives within you.  Go for it live from that space and see the beauty that emanates from  you and others.
"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the Earth, "You Owe Me."  And look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole world."
- Rumi

Happy 2012! We did it, another year has and we are healthy and happy!  I love the dawn of a new year with new promises and new beginnings.  If this year is as fantastic as the end of 2011, we are in for a great one!
Here are some glimpses of our holidays. 

Here are the Boudreaus, my family in the house that I grew up in. Together we gathered, laughed and enjoyed one another's company. It is always nice to be with family who love you for all that you are.  You can see Owen there smelling my armpit.  For some reason he doesn't enjoy group photos. 

Avery did that great leap from crawling to walking.  Here she is gaining her balance on unsteady feet. I love how children fall and get right back up with no judgment, no embarrassment only the drive to try again.   As adults we can use that as an example.

New years brought us to a beautiful cottage near Gracefield Quebec.  We shared the living space with 3 other families and it was magic.  The children and adults got along and worked together side by side smoothly and effortlessly.  As we all sat surrounded by a big table for our meals or to play cards, I imagined living in community.  I imagined us living together, helping, and sharing in our lives.  It definitely agreed with the children as they got along so well with no fighting.  Young children, older children and adults co-habitating side by side in harmony.  It was truly beautiful. Not only was there a beautiful vibe among the  people but our surroundings were of such beauty that filled one with gratitude.  All around us big pines trees laden down with snow, a winter wonderland.  We took advantage with skiing, sledding, and snow shoeing. One warm afternoon the children spent 3-4 hours outside building snow forts.  This brought nostalgic feelings for my own childhood of forts, tunnels and creative snow play.

Here Zoe is reading books to Samara.  Samara had the unfortunate happenings of bumping into a tree while sledding.  Fortunately she was ok.  It warmed my heart to see Zoe snuggled under the blankets, reading her a story. 

Zoe and Kiah who have been friends since 2 years of age share a passion for drawing. 

I loved how the adults enjoyed playing, listening and being present to the children.  

May your 2012 be most amazing with lots of sparkles and magic.