Book of Awesome

We did it. We woke up at 3:00 I must admit to barely sleeping from fear of missing our flight. Kids were troopers, got up with no complaints. 

Our first stop over, New York City!  Zoe's dream city where she hopes to live some day. Our landing into Laguardia airport gave us, a perfect vantage point, of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.  Zoe sat in 7b, behind Owen and I. Her seat mate pointed out land marks for her to find.  Owen marvelled at the world before him. He said: "seeing New York from a plane goes into my book of awesome." My children's joy and excitement goes into my book of awesome. 

We ate a  New York pretzel and now sitting at gate C9, waiting for our flight to Houston.  

I feel it in my bones, the best part of this trip is going to be connecting with my children. As a busy parent, I often feel as though I am missing the mark, somehow.  I do my best, I really do, and yet it feels like it's not enough. These trips we take together is a gift that I give to ourselves to remove ourselves from our busy lives and do something that is out of the box. This coming out if the box together, brings us closer.  It reminds me of one my life Motos; live with passion, love with passion and learn with passion. Of course one doesn't need to fly to Ecuador to unplug. All one needs to do is leave the devices at home, pack the car up with the family and go find the great outdoors. Did you know that they (whoever they are) have identified a condition called "nature deprivation"?

Yes, we  brought our devices such as iPhone and iPods.  There will be days where we do not use them. But a day like today, where there is a lot of hanging around, it's nice to have. 

Enjoy and may your passion be with you.

❤️ love annie, Zoe and Owen 

Jay, we are on our way!

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