Idle Hands

I am still flying high from Sunday's Idle Hands show.  It was a great honour to be part of a group of such talented people! There was lots of talent in those two rooms.  Quality art work was everywhere from refurbished clothing, blown glass,  felted scarves,  drawings, jewelry and so much more.  If you weren't there this year, you must attend next year.  What a great way to do your Christmas shopping while supporting Ottawa artists.  Here is a glimpse of what was there. 
 I thought these 3 women had a clever idea of taking old books and turning them into bags and boxes.  Unfortunately I have no idea of their business name.  Anybody out there know?

 Coincidentally Haley By Hand is an acquaintance of mine from eons ago.  Here is another example of a mother taking inspiration from her children to make handmade things and bring it to her community.  Aren't they cute?  I want one for myself!

 Karina Bergmans inspired me with her refurbished clothing.  Check out her website there is a lot to this woman.

The scent of these soaps filled the lobby.  By the end of the show only a few bars were left. 

I feel very honored to have been part of this show.  It totally has upped the bar for me and inspired me to keep learning and growing.  This is what I love to do, learn and learn some more.  I love stepping out of my comfort zone and widening the parameters of my box.  It's early for new year's resolutions but hey why not?  This year I vow to open my gates of creativity like never before.  I will open up to my full potential, work hard and give back to my community.
 Of course here  was my table. People bought loads of felting kits and wiped me out of my decorative balls and felted soaps. All in all it was a great show and I hope to be juried in again next year.


Karie Ford said...

What a great show! and you rocked it girl!

Haley By Hand said...

Thanks Annie! It was such a great show- inspiration and encouragement everywhere. Speaking of inspiration, have you seen this yet? http://www.etsy.com/storque/handmade-life/handmade-portraits-yokoo-11264/?ref=fp_blog_title

I think you will likey :)

JP Stories in Bogot√° said...

and those little awesome hats are made by my friend Laura at Wave Kaia... aren't they awesome. I have one each for the girls!!!
this is such perfect place for you... it's as if you were meant to be there always. beautiful, beautiful things, people and energy.
Loads of love!!!

Laura said...

Hi! I wish that I had some relief at the show to walk around some more. It was an amazing event, I almost collapsed when I got home.
I've made some really great contacts as a result of this event, and look forward to seeing more of you talented folks.