Ball Felting Kit giveaway

A few years back, oh about 3 years now, I had a dream of creating a business that spreads my joy of felting.  Finally after many years of procrastinating I have put my dreams into reality.  I am tickled pink to present to you My Green TOYBOX's first felting kit! Drum roll please!
Ta Da!
Kit includes supplies to make 3 balls, 2 needles, and picture directions in a 100% cotton all natural cloth bag.
$20 per kit
Let me know why you would like a Ball Felting Kit and you might be a Ball Felting Kit Giveaway winner!
You can reply on the comments section below, via e-mail or if you found this post via Facebook you can comment on this Facebook post! Good luck!


Domestic Diva said...

This would be a fabulous project to start my little one felting. Thank you for the chance!

The GreenLunns said...

Looks good Banano! Way to go sistah.

mamipdx said...

i love projects like this! please count me in!
divertida at fastmail dot fm

JP Stories in Bogotá said...

woo-hoo... you know i am in... already put in my order for some kits to find their way all the way to Colombia!! Now that is spreading your LOVE and CREATIVITY my friend!!!

JP Stories in Bogotá said...

oops, i forgot to add the 'why'... hmmm, well, as you know I am not inherently blessed with creative genius, though i love to engage in creative activities with my girls... so i am always keen to bring materials and ideas that inspire moments of us working together to CREATE something... in the process creating the most meaningful thing of all... time shared together in the here and now!!!