Pattern Interupt

 Wednesday morning I was scraping the frost off of my car and by that night landed in Naples Florida.   This is the amazing world we live in where we can travel to far off lands in a matter of hours. Once in a while it's good for me to take a break from the business of my life and take a few deep breaths somewhere where there are no piles of laundry and lists to complete. I do miss Zoe and Owen and think of them often.  Some day I will bring them to the ocean and will live through them the discoveries of the sea.
 Here in Naples on the Gulf of Mexico, I have been letting go of my mind chatter and enjoying the moment.  The first few days here were rainy and cold.  Every time we ventured out for a walk we returned soaked to the core.  I don't mind, I didn't come here for the heat as much as for the experience.  Thursday morning we walked along the shore of the white sandy beach, and saw the storms off the in the distance,  in time the wind blew them our way and we walked with the rain pelting down and around.  The strength of the storm around me liberated me somehow.  Sopping wet I ran through the waves and felt freedom.  Wherever you are I hope you are taking deep breaths and enjoying just enjoying.

 Of course wool came in my suitcase with me and everywhere I go!  I have been working on my very first elephant which actually looks more like a mouse-ephant at this time :)

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Karie Ford said...

Hey Annie! I've been thinking of you! Enjoy your break, can't wait to see your sun-kissed face. LOve your elephant...xx