Festival of Happiness

Ah...what a gratifying feeling. I wish you could all be here to see the smiles that your donations, put on the faces of the Children of playas, Ecuador. 

           Roger with opening words 

We collected your funds, but  the real matriarch of this project was Carmen. She is native to Ecuador and a real beauty of a person.  The first time I saw her walk into the room,  I felt it.  She is one of those people, that lights up a room.  I love conversing with her. Although, I speak but a few words of Spanish and she speaks Spanglish, we seemed to understand each other.  She is a doer, and as Roger puts it, when she does something, she goes all the way. She proved this to be true in her success in organizing this fundraiser.  Being a writer herself, she contacted her colleagues who have written children's books and purchased 100 copies of books with various titles. 

Ecuador authors get very little for their writing efforts.  The publishers give them a certain amount of books to sell and they receive no royalties for books sold in stores. Also, Ecuador is not a reading culture.  Therefore, the fundraiser supported the authors in selling their books and the children in promoting literature and an expansion of their imaginations. 

             Carmen and Roger

The event was held at their B&B. Carmen set up a whole program with a puppet show, Yoga with Annie Bananie, readings from a couple of the authors and an opportunity for the children to read out loud, to fellow listeners.  The money donated by Ecuador's, Canadian friends, was a seed that grew into a beautiful afternoon, with stories, and a journey into the imagination.   The authors read their own words with passion. Although, it was in Spanish and beyond our comprehension, the chuckles and smiles from the crowd, let us know, the pleasure that was being felt. 

    Piedad and Sonia, authors

              A magic carpet ride

On our yoga story, we flew on our magic carpets, to a mountain where we could see the sparkling stars and brought the light into our hearts. In the jungle we made a Forrest of trees and became the lungs of the Earth. Oh, It was pure magic. The children's smiles were priceless.  This is what I truly love, to do. I love to fall into the moment where everything drifts away and I become at one with what I am doing. This came to me, as we moved through our story, our actions sycronised, our imaginations as one. 

             The giving of books

Once the activities had ended, we gave each child, a book and a bag, that contained an apple and a chocolate.  The smiles were contagious. In gratitude, children and parents gave us kisses on the cheek.  I was so filled with good feelings that I had a lump in my throat,  emotion was bubbling over.  So much joy came to playas and it's children on that day, so much goodness was spread. 

Thanks to all that gave.  You extended yourselves to others and your charity made a difference to a small community of children and authors, in southern Ecuador.  Next year, we hope to make our  way to Burma, where we will spread more Canadian goodness.

                 Team Canada 

We are now at the Quito airport, waiting for our long journey home.  I hope you've enjoyed our stories, and hope you keep checking in 😊. Ciao for now and thanks again. It's been great collaborating with you all.

Also, a big thank you, to Carmen and Roger, for all the hard you put in to maker his happen!

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