I am off on an adventure.  Tomorrow morning at exactly 7am I will be seated on a  plane ready for takeoff and heading for Newfoundland.  I have never been to this part of Canada and I look forward to explore the far edges of Eastern Canada. From what I hear it is set 50 years back in time which is exactly my kind of place.  I hear people are friendly and that the climate is moody.   My backpack is filled with rain gear and warm clothes.  Apparently there is a constant wind and if we were there in the spring we would be able to see icebergs drift by.  Oh! I wish it was spring!

What brings me there?  Jay my beloved partner is bringing me along to help with a Coast Guard Auxiliary search and rescue games.  We will be selling sweatshirts, coats, hats and more to the women and men who have helped Canadian citizens in search and rescue.  It will be fun and a great learning experience.  I will take loads of photos and bring you back  a glimpse of our great Canadian heritage.  Keep smiling :)

Here's a pic I got off line of St. Marys town where we will be staying. I just love stepping out of my box, going places and feeling alive.

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Unknown said...

You know this face. A recently reconnected long time friend that from now on will be reading your blog, for sure. Enjoy your adventure in Newfoundland. Looking fw to seeing the pics and hearing about it. I'm grateful to know you and have spent a little time in your sunshine.
Love, Nikki