Pizza Fridays

 With the end of summer vacation and the beginning of school, September can be a big transition for many of us.  Here at Singing Tree we have had to say goodbye to some friends and greet new ones.  The transition has been smooth and wonderful.  Children walked in the door as though they had always been part of the family.  Of course there has been some crying as parents drop off  their loved ones for their days work but that is normal.  After a few tears and snuggles all balanced out just fine. 

Although we have had some new friends we have kept some old rituals like pizza Fridays.   We watch the yeast bubble like a volcano, pour flour, oil, salt in our mixture and kneed.  Children just love playing with the dough and being part of creating their meal.  For our pizza dough recipe and pics from the past click here. I just love looking at old pictures. Don't you? 

One of the best parts of pizza day is sitting by the glow of candle light to say our prayer and then eat our pizza efforts all up!

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