Today's MOMENTS is this hug by Aillie and Maisey.  Children so readily show affection for one another.  Sometimes as adults we hold back, and avoid showing the  people around us what's in our hearts.  There is so much a hug can represent like comfort,  affection, compassion and camaraderie. 
It is a great way to say "I love/care about you." 
As humans we need to be touched, we need to be reminded that we are loved, 
and supported.  

Who have you hugged today? 


Feeling Amazing

My Gluten Free changes are holding strong, and I am feeling great.  It's amazing what food can do to you.  It can leave you feeling sluggish, full and awful, or it can elevate you, and make you feel alive! It's been 3 weeks now of loads of vegetables, good fats, fruits and yummy protein from meat.  I am sleeping better (with a blindfold, which I love), and feeling energetic, and no it's not just the arrival of spring, it's my diet.  The beauty of it is, is that I don't feel hungry all the time, I don't feel deprived, I feel that my body is getting the nutrients that it needs.  Michele from "Beyond Gluten Free" is really showing me a different way of being in my kitchen.  My kids love it too!  Together, we are finding dishes that suit both of our needs.

Below are pictures taken from a walk in the woods with one of my dearest friends Shankari.  The pictures show my feelings of feeling healthy, happy and grateful.  I use that word a lot "Grateful", and I truly believe that it's the secret to a happy life.  There is so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful for you Michele!


MOMENTS: "First Kiss"

 This week's moments is so cute.  I love Ivan's expression in the second shot after Franky
tries to kiss him! So cute!

Do you remember your first kiss? 


This moment is about the unexpected moments of play. 
Lucia and Leo were playing under a silk scarf, and as the scarf came down upon
them, they showed wonder, and excitement. 
If only, us adults could be have such reactions to the simple things in life!


Beyond Gluten Free

In September, I wrote a post in regards to some dietary changes.  The post revealed my addiction to  coffee.  I let go of coffee for a while, but must admit to returning to it for periods of time.  For example, while in Thailand Jay and I  discovered that Green Hut Bungalows made a smoken cappuccino, and I found myself in my old habits of a cup a day.  Now that I am back in Ottawa, I am back to drinking tea. I am finding this to be better for me and my system.

Another change that I have been trying to integrate in my life is a gluten free diet.  Now, I know some of you will say: "It's a fad", but for me it is more than a fad.  I have crohn's disease and these last few years, I have been having stomach issues like cramping, constipation, diarrhoea, lethargy, and joint pain.    The times that I have gone gluten free, I have noticed a remarkable difference in how I feel, and how the mentioned symptoms magically disappear.  Although, I know this is true, it has not always been easy to stay away from bread!  Especially, when I eat outside of the home.

Michele showing me how to make Gomasia

I have decided that it is time to make lasting dietary changes.  This change is difficult, and I have come to realize that it is one that I cannot do alone.  For this reason, I have turned to Michele Shubert and Beyond Gluten Free's 6 week program to help me gain leverage in my dietary needs.

Michele came over today, and raided my cupboard and we got rid of all that is processed, contains gluten, msg, sugars and more.  She gave me a manual with recipes, a shopping list,  and a goal for the first week of my program.   My first week's goal is to increase my daily vegetable intake, to make certain recipes, and not eat gluten, dairy, or starch.   Wow!  I am excited to begin.

There are more layers to the program, which I will share with you in the next few weeks.  I will also interview Michele to give you a little foundation of her philosophy, and her program.  For now you can check out her website here.

She also brought me a basket of goodness, which included seed porridge, 
and burdock root apple cider vinegar.  This little gift is an inspiration 
towards my new changes. 

Thanks Michele! 
I had a great afternoon, it was fun and I feel inspired!



My camera has been clicking away, and I have been loving the craft of capturing moments into stillness.

I have decided to challenge myself with posting a photo every Wednesday, the post will be entitled moments.  Our first "MOMENTS" photo is this one of Lukas.  The children were lined up at the door and ready to head outside, and to the park.  Lukas looked so cute looking out the glass door.  I was lucky to have my camera at the ready.   I am working on getting a better focus in my pictures, which is missing here.   In this one I wish that his eyes were more in focus. Nevertheless, I like the shot!

Reset Button

I just came back from a month in Thailand.   It was a much needed retreat from school and the hectic pace of my life here in Canada.  Basically, I (Jay was there as well) swam, read, ate great food, had massages, did yoga and revelled at the simplicity of life, in a hut on the beach.  I've come back refreshed, and with a new, but old perspective.  My time away living a simple life reminded me, of how I love to be creative.  How photography, felting, and writing make me happy.   This remembering, of my love for creativity has me feeling rejuvenated, and I have promised myself to stay creative.  My plan is to go delving into those creative mediums, to challenge myself and see where I can go, to hopefully break through new ground.  This means that I will be writing more blog posts, so stay tuned!  I leave you now with a few photos of the tropics.

View from our hut, I know right? 

The book that had me enraptured.  It's a true story, and I highly recommend it.

Thai food is to die for. 

The sunsets are amazing.

The street food is interesting.

The waves rocked my world.