Feeling Amazing

My Gluten Free changes are holding strong, and I am feeling great.  It's amazing what food can do to you.  It can leave you feeling sluggish, full and awful, or it can elevate you, and make you feel alive! It's been 3 weeks now of loads of vegetables, good fats, fruits and yummy protein from meat.  I am sleeping better (with a blindfold, which I love), and feeling energetic, and no it's not just the arrival of spring, it's my diet.  The beauty of it is, is that I don't feel hungry all the time, I don't feel deprived, I feel that my body is getting the nutrients that it needs.  Michele from "Beyond Gluten Free" is really showing me a different way of being in my kitchen.  My kids love it too!  Together, we are finding dishes that suit both of our needs.

Below are pictures taken from a walk in the woods with one of my dearest friends Shankari.  The pictures show my feelings of feeling healthy, happy and grateful.  I use that word a lot "Grateful", and I truly believe that it's the secret to a happy life.  There is so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful for you Michele!

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