Rishikesh India

Dear Reader,
I have neglected you.  My writings have been sporadic and I did not follow my promise to write about India. I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm.  To be honest, I have been busy living life in real time and not feeling as inspired to share in virtual time.  Today is a rainy day and I was thinking of you and decided to share some photos of India.  Here is a little synapsis of the experience...

Early morning yoga by the Ganges in Rishikesh with Vishva. 

Cows are sacred in India and I loved walking along side them in the streets.

Mother Ganges flows, emerald green. She is beautiful and as you sit by her, you feel her strength, her wisdom.  

The colours of India give a feeling of vibrant life.

The positive messages infused me with inspiration.

The sadhus blessed us everywhere we went.  What a feeling to walk the streets with daily blessings. 

This woman was as frail as can be.  I would have loved to hear her story. 

We collected $1300 from friends and family  to support a school and it's children.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  Once again we were so grateful for your donations and the experience to share with others.