Children imitate the adults around them, you can see it in their play and how they watch us do our daily chores.  At Singing Tree the children are given the opportunity to be involved in the daily happenings.  They love doing "real" things and contributing to the running of things. It gives them a sense of importance and confidence.


Annie Boudreau Photograph

I have been busy creating a photography website. About a year ago, I decided that I want to take my love for photography to another level and took action. I have since been learning so much!  Please have a look at my new site and if want some very fun photos taken give me a call!


Rishikesh India

Dear Reader,
I have neglected you.  My writings have been sporadic and I did not follow my promise to write about India. I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm.  To be honest, I have been busy living life in real time and not feeling as inspired to share in virtual time.  Today is a rainy day and I was thinking of you and decided to share some photos of India.  Here is a little synapsis of the experience...

Early morning yoga by the Ganges in Rishikesh with Vishva. 

Cows are sacred in India and I loved walking along side them in the streets.

Mother Ganges flows, emerald green. She is beautiful and as you sit by her, you feel her strength, her wisdom.  

The colours of India give a feeling of vibrant life.

The positive messages infused me with inspiration.

The sadhus blessed us everywhere we went.  What a feeling to walk the streets with daily blessings. 

This woman was as frail as can be.  I would have loved to hear her story. 

We collected $1300 from friends and family  to support a school and it's children.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  Once again we were so grateful for your donations and the experience to share with others. 

Jet Setting 2016

 On Sunday, I leave for  India and Thailand.  I love my adventures abroad.  They give me new perspective and the opportunity to photograph and write things that are different from my everyday life.  In this way, I find inspiration and feel light of spirit, like a bird taking flight.  

In India, I will meet Jay where we will be staying in an ashram, to immerse ourselves in meditation, and yoga, dip in the ganges and experience the beauty of chaos.  

Thailand is like  a second home to us and we will visit friends on the island of Koh Phayam and enjoy the warmth of the ocean and luxury of reading, writing and contemplating the beauty of our lives.  I feel very grateful, that I have been able to organize my life, where I am able to live my passions.  

Stay tuned for my stories from abroad.  For now I leave you with these 2 photos of these 2 munchkins.  A couple of weeks ago we went sliding 3 times in 1 week and we had so much fun!!!!  Children are really a joy and I love growing right alongside them. 


Gnome Felting Workshop

This weekend Leslie, my dear friend hosted me at her house to make a Xmas gnome.  We gathered around her table, as we felted our little people, conversation came easily.  It was a wonderful afternoon of creativity and connecting with women.  After these workshops, I am always left with a feeling of joy.  There is something to be said about gathering with others, while working with our hands.  Here is Erin's gnome, that ended up being Hagrid from Harry Potter!!!