All in a Day

Today is Wednesday and I love Wednesday. First of all it's a hump day and hump days are so much fun.  Second of all it's my day to go to teach yoga to Owen's grade one/two class followed by teaching Zoe's grade 3/4 class.  This is definitely a highlight of my week.  To have a group of about 20 children sit in a circle, breath deep and get centered is the most beautiful thing.  Today in Owen's class we lined up in 2 lines, facing one another forming a human tunnel with our hands held up high palm to palm connected with our partner.  We closed our eyes and got centered.  The fun part was turning around in a 360 degree circle to find our partner's palms once again.  The young yogis and yoginis were very centered and focused.  To finish our "game" one person took a turn walking down the human tunel that we created. As the person passed through each child gently touched the child walking through. It was beautiful.  The energy of the room was very quiet, with a special  quality that is difficult to describe.

Zoe's class is older and fun to teach in that we can discuss the human body as we go through the postures.  Today we talked about breathing with a long deep breath so that on the inhale the upper belly expands and contracts on the exhale. It's amazing that 8/9 year olds already breath with a tight breath and the opposite of how we were born breathing.   In learning to breath effectively we can change our state of mind and body energy level.   It's as simple as the breath.  This class is full of boys and it's a little harder to keep them focused but when they are the energy in the room is quite powerful.   What I like to evoke in these classes is a sense of confidence in themselves, body awareness, respect for themselves and others and so much more.

By the time those classes are finished it's 09:30 and I wisk over to Rama Lotus to teach the baby and mom class at 10:00.  Needless to say this class is so much fun!  The babies are cute.  I must admit that at times I can feel some maternal stirrings but know that I will stay a mother of 2 :)

Now I am sitting at my desk, daycare is going on downstairs and I am gearing up to clean and organize my upstairs space.  I  have been so busy felting that things need a little TLC.  When the day rolls around to 18:30 I will be teaching a 20 minute yoga class followed by a felting workshop, then sleep, phew!

I hope your day is as fabulous as mine!

I leave you now with a photo Mei Mei painting the egg onto our home made pretzels.  This child is so sweet with eyes that sparkle and a smile that shines.

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Haley By Hand said...

Sounds like a great day Annie :)
(Lovin' the new banner by the way!)