I must share with you one of my favorite things that decorates my home, my flaglines.  They are hand sewn by Karie from workermade.  My favorite is the one that hangs in our entryway with the word LOVE.  I also love the Blessings one that's hangs on our front porch.  I love giving people positive messages and I can't think of better ones than love and blessings!!!  My sister had Karie make a set of flaglines with little Avery's name on it.  They really add to a room. 
 Yesterday I felted all day and when I mean all day, I mean all day! My hands never stopped. When cooking I would felt while waiting for water to boil,  when talking on the phone still felting and so on. I even contemplated felting in the bathtub but figured the steam might affect the wool.  The project I loved working on the most was a giraffe. He is not complete and I have to tell you that felting spots on a giraffe is a LOT of work.  I am falling in love with him.  He will be another project that I will not be able to part with.  To be worth my time I would have to sell him for a lot of money.  Some felting projects do take a long time to accomplish and it is for this reason that I like to give workshops.  Workshops are great on many levels. They give the felter an idea of the time it takes to make a work of art, they give the felter the joy of felting something of their own and they gather people together to bond and connect.  As humans we are social creatures and love to create ties and friendships.
Another project I finished are these balls and bird.  I am a felting maniac and addicted for sure.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. It's not far now and I am very excited about spending Christmas with Zoe, Owen and my parents.  love to you!


JP Stories in Bogotá said...

positively gorgeous!!! and i love all the flaglines around your home. such perfection... reminders of the real meanings of this season. loads of love!!!

The GreenLunns said...

So cute! The giraffe looks awesome... I think I'm buying some wool off of you. :)