Light has begun to shed the darkness.  I sit here with my chocolate yerba mate tea and am at peace.  There is something about the quiet of the morning that puts me at ease. The promise of a new day is an opportunity to start new, to be open to all opportunities with an open heart.

I leave you now to do yoga, meditate and work on my recent project.  I am felting guardian dolls.  These dolls were inspired by my felting guru Fiona DuthieFiona was the inspiration behind me getting into felting.  She no longer lives in the Ottawa area but contributes to my new favorite magazine Living Crafts.  Enjoy and I hope that you seize this wonderful day.

I leave you now (really I am) with this picture below.  This book - The Complete Artist's Way is a great  inspirartion for me to move through my blocks and live with my creative passion.  There is no other way for me but to live in a way that I feel inspired to live my truth.  Enjoy.

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