Cabin Life

Once upon a time 3 women, 6 children spent 3 three nights in a small cabin. There were no distractions, no phone, no tv, no computer only human interaction and nature's playground.

Despite the rain and cold breeze they swam and rejoiced in the feeling
of cold water invigorating their beings.

They shared food.

They came together and created a gratitude alphabet. There were so many things
to be grateful for: apples, books...daddy,

They ate well.

They danced.

They played.

They ate some more.

They got creative.

They spun some magic.

They shard one another's thoughts and wisdom.

They collaborated.

The most important thing that happened on those 3 nights and 4 days was that they
connected on a deep level. They tasted the nectar of life as friendships deepened and hearts opened to the simplicity of life.


Anonymous said...

That looks Awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

and they laughed and laughed and laughed.....


JJ said...

I miss my babies!

karie said...

Aaaaah. Annie, I'm warm and fuzzy all over. It was a great three days, spending time with you and Whit. I love you guys so much - my rocks. xxK

Lianne said...

Oh my. I recognize this place. :) Karie's "auntie Lianne"... Glad you guys enjoyed the break, even with the sucky weather. We enjoyed looking at all the artwork left behind. And we did eventually find all of the toys.

Tabitha said...

Wow...just gorgeous.