Let it rain :)

It's raining yes. It's been raining and cold for days. This morning as rain fell from the sky I decided to join mother nature in her tapestry. I got out of bed, walked out the door and ran with reckless abandon towards the shore line and the lake welcomed me as I dove in. I love the feeling of my naked body being massaged by the cool healing water. As pebbles fell around me I felt nurtured and comforted. The pebbles fell from the sky softly splashing and rippling. As nature romanced me in her story my spirit sang and rejoiced. Today a glow of happiness surrounds me. I feel grateful to be alive, grateful for the people in my life and grateful for the simple things in life. The more I mature, the more I realize that for me happiness resides in the simple things, in being close to nature, family and friends.

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The GreenLunns said...

Take explains that extra dose of love you were trying to dole out this afternoon. :)

I love the lake too.