Flowers on the Shore Line

The lake enticed me in again this afternoon. The rains have been so heavy that the shore line has risen a couple of feet. The sky is grey and everything is so lush. I swam to the middle of the lake (well almost) and took in my surroundings. It amazes me how relaxed I feel in the presence of trees, water and hills. My body relaxes and let's go of days of tension. I begin to breathe easier and fall into the moment. This is where I want to be, in my body with my breath in the now.

I am a water child, I love water. I grew up by a lake. I get my love for water from my father. One memory of him I hold close to my heart. I remember him teaching me the side stroke. I can still see his long arms moving him forward in the water. In that moment I had his total attention.

Swimming connects me with my inner child. It's what I loved to do as a child and it's what I love to do as an adult.

This Day Lily captured my attention as I walked out of the water. It's colour is so vibrant and so beautiful.

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