The Market

Yesterday we walked from center town to the Ottawa market. Sasha's little 3 year old legs walked him all the way there and back! There are many things that I love about buying my produce from our local growers. Reducing the mileage between where my food was grown to my plate is one. Another is connecting with the people who worked their land to produce nutritious, yummy, veggies and fruit. One lady gave us each a carrot and biting into that carrot was heavenly. It tasted earthy and so fresh compared to the carrots at the big grocery stores. Her hands were rough with a little dirt under her finger nails, all signs of her hard work. At another stall a young girl gave us our strawberries with the words "freshly picked this morning".

Coming back from the market I always end up with less packaging and am inspired to eat more things that my body welcomes. Last but not least it's important to me to be a model for my children. For them to learn small ways in which to reduce our carbon footprint.

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