The Great Outdoors


I read somewhere, that patients who can see trees outside of their hospital window, recover faster, than patients who can only see buildings, and I believe it.  Last week, we camped and slept in a tent for 6 nights.  We spent our days outdoors and cooked over an open fire.  It was heaven. Any stress in my body left me and I felt and still feel elevated from the experience and so relaxed.  I saw the change in my children as well.  Zoe delved back into her inner child by drawing for hours on end, read like a book worm and built a shelter in the woods.  It made my heart soar to see her express her creative side again, to see her inner child.  Owen played the long summer days, in the woods, creating, building, cooking and so much more.   What was most special was the 5 other families that joined us and celebrated nature with us.  We sang songs around the fire, shared stories and loved the freedom our children shared exploring in the woods and deepening friendships.  It struck me that I do not have to go far like Ecuador to vacation with my children.  There are so many things to do right here in Ontario. What's more is that camping is cheap, fun and therapeutic.

Nature is the natural playground

The simplicity of being surrounded by trees.

The glow of an open fire.

Swimming to a nearby island.  Precious.



Camping on Sharbot lake and attending Blue Skies music festival. Connecting with Zoe , Owen and family friends. There is nothing like surrounding yourself with people you love in the simplicity of nature to get grounded and feel love and loved.