Gnome Felting Workshop

This weekend Leslie, my dear friend hosted me at her house to make a Xmas gnome.  We gathered around her table, as we felted our little people, conversation came easily.  It was a wonderful afternoon of creativity and connecting with women.  After these workshops, I am always left with a feeling of joy.  There is something to be said about gathering with others, while working with our hands.  Here is Erin's gnome, that ended up being Hagrid from Harry Potter!!!  


Felt a Snowman/Woman

Interested in joining?  Contact me at:

I Believe That...

Children are happy when they are outside.  The fresh air, the room to move, the trees and abundance of opportunity for play is vital for their well being and provide the children with a rich experience of the natural world around him/her.   


Wilbur The Singing Tree Bear

We have a new friend at daycare, and his name is Wilbur.  He is so cute, and cuddly.  He is a stuffed bear, and he takes turns visiting our Singing Tree friends on the weekend.  He has a passport and a journal.  Here is a journal entry for his time spent with Libby.  

Dear Journal,

When I first found out I was going to Libby's house, I was a little bit scared.  I heard that she has almost 50 dinosaurs living in her house, and I thought they may try and eat me! But her dinosaurs are very nice and I had a great time playing with them and everyone else including cookie monster! I even played with another bear.

"Here, I am getting introduced to the 50 dinosaurs."

"Here, I am with all of her other friends."

On Saturday morning I went to gymnastics where Libby and lots of other kids play on mats and jump on trampolines.  After that, we went to the park and Libby covered me with leaves in the pool.  Nobody could see me!

"Look how big that chalkboard is!"

In the afternoon we went for a bike ride to Landsown market park, I climbed up the ramp, drew with chalk, rode in the bike basket along the canal and ate our snacks by the water....crunchy apples.

"Here I am on Libby's bike. "

What a great time! I can't wait to visit my other Singing Tree Friends house's. I am one lucky bear :)


Stone Soup

Here, at Singing Tree, we have been enamoured with the changing of the leaves and the cool crisp air.  Since we flow with Mother Nature and her offerings, we have been revelling in her gifts with leaf hunts,  cool walks, pumpkins and stone soup.  Yes, stone soup!

You might know the story of a hungry traveller, carrying a pot who arrives at a village starving.   He asks villagers if they have any food to share. but they deny him any food.  In his desperation, the traveller walks to the neighbouring stream, makes a fire and fills his pot with water.  He chooses a stone and places it in the water.  As the "stone soup" simmers, a villager walks by, and asks the traveller what he is making. The traveller replies: "Stone Soup, but it would be much more delicious with a vegetable."  The villager is then inspired to return to his neighbours and friends to ask if people could contribute to the Stone Soup.  In time the village comes together to make a communal soup and it's delicious.

This story demonstrates co-operation and what happens when people come together.  In order to bring this point home, we took all week last week to re-enact this story.  The children would contribute play food to the Stone Soup.  Come Friday we asked each child to bring a vegetable of their choice to daycare.  In the morning we got busy making bread and chopping vegetables, and re-enacted the story again but this time the children contributed real vegetables to a real soup.   Of course, there was a stone in the soup :)  It was so much fun and the children got a lot out of it.  Even a child who doesn't usually eat his soup, ate it.

Before our feast we lit a candle and took a moment of gratitude.  It was a great week that led into a great day.

Here is Leo meditating on what makes him grateful


Daycare Spot Opening for November 2015

If you are looking for a daycare spot for your little one, Singing Tree might be a good fit for you and your family.  We love lots of outdoor play, purposeful work like helping in the kitchen, lots of songs, books, puppet shows, love laughter and more.  If you are interested please e-mail at:  I look forward to hearing from you!



Last Thursday, I had the honour of taking photos of a 6 day old newborn.  Here name is Irene, and she is ever so sweet.  There is something about newborns that touches me deeply.  It's their smallness that's found in their fingers, their toes and their spindly limbs.  It's the sweetness of their deep slumber, and that angelic face.  There is so much peace there, and so much promise.  Each day the newborn grows, and in it's first year the growth is astounding, but as a newborn for a short time being they are timeless.  For me, when I am there holding a small being, or gazing at them, it's like I can sense the bigger picture.  They are like messengers telling us that all will be well.  It's like they know the secret that we all wonder about.  Why are we here?   What is our purpose here?  

Newborns remind us to slow down,  to take it easy, and appreciate the moment, because one thing is for sure; things are always changing.   Again, I am reminded of how children are our biggest teachers.    

Can you believe that you were, once this small? That everyone of us, who walks this Earth has a birth story?  Everyone of us has a life experience,  that is unique, with happy moments, sad moments, moments of triumph, and of defeat.  We all came from the same place, everyday we get older, until one day, we don't.  In this way we are all brothers and sisters...


Blowing Bubbles

This is a very fun and simple activity that children love.  Put a few squirts of natural dish soap, in a cup with water and let children blow out of a straw.  What a hoot!


Photo Shoot

As a 40th birthday gift, I gave a friend a photo shoot.  So yesterday, we went to the dormant train bridge that hangs over the Ottawa river.  we had a great time taking photos, and I learnt so much.  The experience showed me that I have a lot of learning to do.  I was humbled.  It taught me that I am still mastering the art of focusing!  There is so much more to learn, but the great part is that, I love learning and I love photography.  I believe that with those two ingredients, I can make it happen!



I was in Botswana 3 years ago.  So much has happened since then.  It seems like forever ago, and I am so glad to have the pictures to remember the beauty, and awe inspiring wild life.  I have been revisiting these pics, because in December, I will be displaying some of them at the Wild Oat on Bank Street.  My plan is to get the chosen ones printed on canvas.  It will feel very good to see my artwork displayed for others to see!



Ivan has striking eyes, they shine bright green.  This photo reminds of how children are always looking at us, to set the example.  They are little monkeys, and the saying: "Monkey see, monkey do" definitely applies to them.  They imitate us in our strengths and our weaknesses.  This is one reason why we must parent with awareness, and truly know who we are.  It doesn't mean that we must be perfect, but notice our imperfections, or moments of frustrations and talk about it with our children.  If we are frustrated we can say: "I am frustrated right now."  If we had a moment where we raised our voice and behaved poorly, we talk about it.  In this way they learn how to deal with their feelings, they become self-aware themselves, and learn to talk things through, when things get difficult.  

Children are watching our every move and act as our mirrors, as to who we are.  They are our little buddhas and with awareness, discipline and compassion we can learn from them and ourselves.  We most also remember, that they see all the good that we encompass, the love, the understanding, and the sweetness that we project into the world. 


Long Weekend

The height of spring is upon us.  The bright greens of fresh growth is vibrant, the bugs, new plants and the hot sun is here, and we are happy for that.   This weekend was a perfect weekend to sit back and appreciate the fruits of mother nature's  efforts.   It was a Jay and Annie weekend, as the kids were with their dad.  On Saturday we left the beauty of our lake (above), to visit Michele from Beyond Gluten Free and her family.  They recently built a yurt up on their land near Rupert.  Here is Michele in her "I am fending off the bugs outfit."

On our way to their land, we passed Juniper Farms, an organic farm.  We decided to be spontaneous and stop.  We left with the fixings for a small  organic garden of beets, lettuce, onions, cabbage, kale, spinach and swiss chard.  Neither of us have planted a garden before, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it goes well.

I am in week 5 of Beyond Gluten Free's program and cannot express how inspired I am in the kitchen.  It's as though I have learnt a whole new way of cooking.  My slow cooker is always simmering with broth or a stew.  I have a stash of gluten free cookies in the freezer for those days where I just need something sweet.  My meals consist of 80% veggies and 20% meat, which means that I am eating way more veggies than before.  I am learning to love sauerkraut and basically having fun in the kitchen.  Do I miss gluten? yes, I do.  I miss it when I am at a party and I see a platter of breaded shrimp, but I feel empowered in being able to say no thank you and reach for the veggie tray.



This week's "MOMENTS" shot demonstrates the joy of spring.  Yesterday, we went to the park and the dandelions were sprouting and the grass was a fresh green.  The kids picked flowers and rolled in the grass.  I revelled in their simple joy of simple things.  If only as adults we could find such joy in the simplicity of life!  Things do not have to be as complicated, as we make them!


Mother's Day Photo Shoot

On Friday, we turned our backyard into a photo studio.  It was so much fun and the children really enjoyed themselves. Here are some of the results. 

We hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and that you felt celebrate and honoured as you should be. 


Our Backyard

Our backyard is not huge by any means, but it is enjoyed by all the children.  My favourite part  are the tree stumps, planks of wood, bails of straw and bricks.  These items are used daily and at any given moment there is someone building, climbing, balancing, and even helping one another navigate the labyrinths that were created by their very hands.  

 In my opinion these have more value than the stationary play structures you find at the park.  These movable pieces give the children a chance to create, to build, and organize their own play environment.  In this way, they problem solve, work together, and gain confidence as their skills improve.  It is a joy to watch them, especially when the older children, help the younger ones.  This is where unorganized play, creates the building blocks to learning.

I love the above picture, and the one below.  It was taken a couple of weeks ago.  On this day Lukas and Lucia played for a long time walking in the circle of planks that they had built.  They laughed great big belly laughs, and enjoyed themselves tremendously. 



Today's MOMENTS is this hug by Aillie and Maisey.  Children so readily show affection for one another.  Sometimes as adults we hold back, and avoid showing the  people around us what's in our hearts.  There is so much a hug can represent like comfort,  affection, compassion and camaraderie. 
It is a great way to say "I love/care about you." 
As humans we need to be touched, we need to be reminded that we are loved, 
and supported.  

Who have you hugged today? 


Feeling Amazing

My Gluten Free changes are holding strong, and I am feeling great.  It's amazing what food can do to you.  It can leave you feeling sluggish, full and awful, or it can elevate you, and make you feel alive! It's been 3 weeks now of loads of vegetables, good fats, fruits and yummy protein from meat.  I am sleeping better (with a blindfold, which I love), and feeling energetic, and no it's not just the arrival of spring, it's my diet.  The beauty of it is, is that I don't feel hungry all the time, I don't feel deprived, I feel that my body is getting the nutrients that it needs.  Michele from "Beyond Gluten Free" is really showing me a different way of being in my kitchen.  My kids love it too!  Together, we are finding dishes that suit both of our needs.

Below are pictures taken from a walk in the woods with one of my dearest friends Shankari.  The pictures show my feelings of feeling healthy, happy and grateful.  I use that word a lot "Grateful", and I truly believe that it's the secret to a happy life.  There is so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful for you Michele!