For Rent

Here it is. I told myself that I would not start thinking about our move until our return to Thailand.  Now as life would have it, we have travelled across the globe and back and it's that time.  I have been obsessively looking on Kijiji and Craig's list for that perfect space for us to live.  There is lots out there and competition is fierce and prices vary from affordable to crazy expensive.   Ideally we want to stay in the Little Italy neighbourhood and keeping our eyes, ears and minds open.  They say that moving is one of the 3 major stresses along with death and divorce.  I am having to move me, my two kids and my business so it is a little stressful. Although, I must admit that my yoga practice is keeping me in check.   The stress levels aren't that high yet and we still have 3 months.  So here is my journey for the next few months; finding a place, packing, moving and settling in.  I am a creature of change so all of this has an element of excitement :)  Please keep your eyes and ears open for rental properties in the Italy and Hintonburg area.  Thanks!!!

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