I've been busy creating these fun workshops for you and your family. Come and join in on the fun!


Kid’s yoga is fun for parents and children. In these classes we will focus on breathing exercises, yoga moves, meditation, music and storytelling.  Each class will have a seasonal theme. Classes are 30 minutes and great for all ages.

 Felting workshops

Needle felting is the process of using a barbed needle to tangle wool roving into a strong fibre. It’s addictive, meditative and great to do with others.  Wet felting is the process of using warm water, soap and roving make felt.   It is equally as fun and satisfying .

Kids YOGA and Wet Felting workshop


Come join the fun with kids yoga, followed by a light snack and some wet felting.  You and your child will wrap roving of wool around a natural bar of soap and wet felt it.  Kids enjoy playing with water and  soap which makes this a perfect activity!

Your finished product will be a bar of soap in its own face cloth.   Children love to help in this activity.  They will also love bath time that much more!   A felted soap is a great thing to make with your child as gifts for grandparents and teachers.

September 18th, 2010

09:30- 12:00
All ages welcome
$3o/ includes kids yoga, light snack, supplies to make a felted soap.
More details when you register with Annie  Bananie at

The Pumpkin and the Mouse Needle Felting Workshop


 Bring The Mouse and The Pumpkin story to life with needle felted props.  Share the art of storytelling with your little ones.  In this workshop you will learn to needle felt a 3 dimensional pumpkin, a mouse and his friends.  We will also discuss the fine points of captivating our small audiences with tales that spark imaginative thought.  

Needle felting is fun and addictive.  With a barbed needle and carded sheep’s wool you can sculpt the wool into any shape. Once you learn the basic technique you can make anything from balls, dolls, vegetables and more!

October 20th

18:30- 21:00
18:30 – Arrive early and participate in a 20 minute Kundalini yoga class or arrive at 19:00 for a needle felting workshop.
Age: 12 and up (babies in arms welcome)
$40/ includes supplies to make your props, tea, light snack and good conversation.
More details when you register with Annie  Bananie at

Kids YOGA and ball felting workshop


During yoga class we will have fun doing yoga poses, storytelling and fun  with balls!!! We will have a small snack followed by felting a ball of your own.   The ball you felt can be a play ball, a Christmas ornament or a simple decoration that is beautiful and uplifting.

October 16th

09:30- 12:00
Age: All ages are welcome
$3o/ includes kids yoga, light snack, supplies to make a felted ball.
More details when you register with Annie  Bananie at


A Mother's Musings

As a new mother, when my children were but little beings I sometimes wished for the day where they could walk, talk and be more independent.  Now 8 years later my children can walk,talk in complex sentences and don't need me as a young baby/toddler needs his/her mother.  I see there growing bodies and can't believe they once lived inside of me.  How did time get ahead of me?  How does it happen that little babies grow into big children.

I no longer wish for my children to reach the next milestone. I now wish for time to stop.  I cherish those moments where we are cuddled up in sleeping bags and reading books.  I am ecstatic when a spontaneous hug reaches me out of nowhere.  When a gentle kiss on the lips denotes a feeling of innocence and love.

Every moment goes by to become but a memory etched in my heart.   Deepak Chopra says if one breaths long and deep one can prolong life, live in the moment and slow down the progression of time.  As I sit with my children I inhale deeply and exhale completely.   Blessings to all parents around the world. May you breath long and deep.