A Mother's Musings

As a new mother, when my children were but little beings I sometimes wished for the day where they could walk, talk and be more independent.  Now 8 years later my children can walk,talk in complex sentences and don't need me as a young baby/toddler needs his/her mother.  I see there growing bodies and can't believe they once lived inside of me.  How did time get ahead of me?  How does it happen that little babies grow into big children.

I no longer wish for my children to reach the next milestone. I now wish for time to stop.  I cherish those moments where we are cuddled up in sleeping bags and reading books.  I am ecstatic when a spontaneous hug reaches me out of nowhere.  When a gentle kiss on the lips denotes a feeling of innocence and love.

Every moment goes by to become but a memory etched in my heart.   Deepak Chopra says if one breaths long and deep one can prolong life, live in the moment and slow down the progression of time.  As I sit with my children I inhale deeply and exhale completely.   Blessings to all parents around the world. May you breath long and deep.

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Anonymous said...

Well said... again you remind me to enjoy the day, live in the moment... even the sucky ones. :) MAd