I just got in from a swim.  The water is nice and cool, rain is falling from a grey sky.  I love swimming in the rain, watching the droplets rippling through the water like mini pebbles falling around me.  There is a comfort on these cozy days.  I am in the middle of my 2 weeks vacation and I cannot tell you how relaxed I am. There is not one tense muscle in my body.  I am floating in a peaceful glow of happiness.  I have spent my days walking in the woods, sitting around fires, reading in a hammock, kayaking, canoeing and yes swimming.  I hope you are all feeling relaxed and in a state of bliss where life feels like it cannot get any better, much love to you.


Ok, so I admit it, I have been pretty lame on the blogging front.  I have no excuse but the fact that I am having a great summer and not spending that much time in front of the computer.  You can`t blame a woman for that! What have we been busy with you ask?  Well so much that I don't even know where to begin.  First of all hanging out with our daycare family has been most lovely as we go to the wading pools, parks and spending loads of time outside. Did you ever notice that children are at their happiest when outside? Happy children equal happy adults and come to think of it happy adults make happy children.

 Chucking Corn a great activity that helps children feel involved with meal preparation.

Yesterday when we were are the Elm street wading pool I had a great feeling of gratitude for where we live. There is so much available to us here in the capital; libraries, wading pools, parks, summer camps, bike trails, beaches and so much more.  This is a great place to raise a family.  I feel so fortunate for what I have.  Zoe, Owen and I have been biking along Ottawa's many bike paths and I am always taken aback by the beauty of the Ottawa area. Our city is a gem of a place with lots of green space, biking paths, water and beautiful architecture.  The other night we attended the Mosaika light show on Parliament Hill.  It was stunning, free and I highly recommend it. I went not expecting much and left feeling stunned by the beauty and creativity people have.  
As you may know my last name is not really Bananie but Boudreau.  On the long weekend of August we attended our Boudreau family reunion.  I come from a large family and there were over 100 of us in attendance.  We camped in Mattawa at Champlain Park.  It was so amazing to see aunts, uncles and cousins that I hadn`t seen in over 12 years!  I am so proud of my heritage and ancestry.  As a little girl growing up I was surrounded by family. My cousins were my playmates, my aunts and uncles my extended care takers.  Now I am a grown woman with children of my own. Time has a way of passing so fast. 

Avery my niece is growing fast and will be joining our daycare family this September.  Look at that smile!

This Friday at 17:00 marks the beginnings of our 2 week vacation.  I hope you are enjoying your summer. Take care and many smiles :) .....