Baby and Mom Yoga

Wednesday mornings is one of my favorite mornings of the week.  This is the morning where I get to teach yoga to babies and moms.  When Zoe (oldest) was a baby we attended class religiously.  It is here that I met a group of cool moms to hang out with.  My circle of friends became my network from which I grew and learned.  Now that I teach the class and my children are 8 and 5 I have feelings of nostalgia for when they were brand new to the world.  These kids are sooooo cute!

Baby and mom yoga 
Rama Lotus
340 Gladstone Ave.


The Carp Fair weekend was rainy and cold and yet many people came out to enjoy rides, food and animal shows.  Karie and I had so much fun talking to people who came with questions and interest in our products.  The ladies who occupied the both next door were very nice and from Epicure a food company from Victoria BC that sells yummy dried herbs. I tried their mullein apple cider and it was truly delicious.  They also have yummy dips and so much more.  These women host parties at people's homes.   Janet and Lisa were really nice and were pleasant to talk to with a very good positive attitude.  I most enjoyed hearing their peels of laughter from next door.
I had help selling my felting kits from the The Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild as they gave some needle felting demonstrations which had people intrigued.  I had many customers come to my booth saying they had just seen a demonstration which had picked their curiosity enough to buy a kit.  I was so thankful that I had to pay thanks to these ladies. When I arrived at their booth I was fascinated by spinning wheels and beautiful things made with beautiful fibers.

This is a cat that Ann the fiber artist felted as  a demonstration. The eyes still need to be added and head attached.

Zoe and Owen had fun at Ray's Reptile's tent and on the rides.  On our arrival home we were very much full of mud and cold.  A nice hot bath helped us get the chill out of our bones.  I hope your weekend was just as fun!


Carp Fair

Karie from Rehash and I (My Green Toy Box) are selling our wares at the Carp Fair this weekend.  We arrived and set up Friday morning.  Karie helped set up the tent and dropped her flaglines and be-lined back home for mom duties, I was the first to man the table.   As I went to park the car, I left our boxes under the tent. It was a windy, cold to the bone day and already a chill was setting in.  With my cute little concession parking pass on the dash of my Honda I walked back towards the tent.  As I approached I noticed a little gathering of people where our stuff was.  As I walked closer I noticed our tent flipped up on it's roof, with it's legs poking up towards the sky.  Those people were helping me get my tent straight up!!! With team work we got things straight!  Everybody was really nice and helped me secure things to the ground. Ant that's our story!  Tomorrow is Saturday and we are back at the table selling our handmade stuff! Come and check it out!


3 Little Monkeys - Needle Felting Workshop

 Last night I facilitated 3 Little Monkeys first needle felting workshop.  It's the season of pumpkin abundance and we made a mouse and his/her dwelling. Most participants had heard of felting even had some wool at home but never had the confidence to pick up the needle and create.  As needles punctured the wool carving  works of art, conversation flowed and an atmosphere of ease and fun enveloped us.  Giving workshops is very elevating for me as I absorb the felters joy of creative expression.  I am reminded of times past when women use to gather to work on their projects and talk about life.  For me it is as important to live life with creative fashion as to gather with women and connect in a meaningful way.


Saturday marked this fall's first workshop, four families attended and we had so much fun! We started with a yoga class, snack and then wet felted a face cloth around a natural bar of soap. Felting is always great fun and even more fun when done in a group.  Children were free to craft or play.  Justine a sweet young woman played and read books with them as mother's chatted and kept their hands busy.



The sound of rain fall comforts me,  The glisten of rain brings out the green in every leaf and every rock. A red and orange maple leaf shimmers in the light of day and puddles reflect the dark sky. I inhale my mind relaxes and I connect to the  natural world.  

 In one of my recent walks in the woods I spotted these mushrooms and it was almost like they spoke to me.  When my children notice a sunset, the moon or a beautiful scene I tell them that, that is magic.  I hope they keep their sense that the world is a magic place because it really is.  Magic is not only found in stories but right here in every moment. The fact that we are living this life experience is magic in itself.


Spring, summer, nearly fall, how time runs away with me.  It seems like only yesterday that spring flowers pushed through the thawed earth and yet I look outside and the reds, yellows and browns of autumn are slowly creeping up.

Yesterday was the first day of school and marked the end of summer in my heart.  Already I feel myself embracing fall.  I look back on the summer months with fondness. I loved having my children all day without the interruption of school. I know it's early but happy fall!