Baby and Mom Yoga

Wednesday mornings is one of my favorite mornings of the week.  This is the morning where I get to teach yoga to babies and moms.  When Zoe (oldest) was a baby we attended class religiously.  It is here that I met a group of cool moms to hang out with.  My circle of friends became my network from which I grew and learned.  Now that I teach the class and my children are 8 and 5 I have feelings of nostalgia for when they were brand new to the world.  These kids are sooooo cute!

Baby and mom yoga 
Rama Lotus
340 Gladstone Ave.

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JP Stories in Bogotá said...

beautiful photos... and so true what you say about this being such a huge space of support for new moms. It is also one of my favourite classes to teach... along with prenatal!!! Sending HUGE love your way my friend. Keep on spreading the light.
always, patrycja