Mortimer the Mouse

There is something about felting that fascinates children and adults alike.  Last week in celebration of fall we made a big mouse with great, big ears.  We passed the project around and took turns felting our friend. As we worked together with a common goal, we made our mouse come to life by giving him a name and spun a tale of Mortimer the mouse whose favorite colour was grey.  Everytime Mortimer saw something grey he would smile.  One sunny day he went for a walk in the woods which he loved to do.  On his walk he met a butterfly and the butterfly was grey.  The grey coloured butterfly made Mortimer smile.  The butterfly noticed how friendly Mortimer was and asked him to play with him and on the story went.  We brought our creature through many adventures as we felted him into existence.  Once our story and mouse was finished the children very invested in their new friend.  They care for him with great care.  I believe that making toys meaningful to children is of great importance especially in these days where everything is so accessible.

Meet Mortimer :)

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JP Stories in Bogot√° said...

amazing Annie!!! i love it. you are so creative... and inspiring. i can't wait to be nearby again.
loads of love from Colombia, p & the girls & little plum