Giving gratitude for what we have gives us a sense of well being, of satisfaction and peace. When we live in gratitude we no longer wish for things we don't have and we no longer mourn past mistakes.  Through gratitude we are able to feel complete in this very moment, we are able to appreciate the people in our lives, appreciate our life experiences that allow us to grow. In gratitude we are able to recognize that we have all that we need.  In my life I strive to practice daily gratitude.  I strive to tell the people around me how much I appreciate them and love them.  I stop to see the beauty that surrounds me. In this way happiness finds me and life is good.

 I've been very busy this last month and dedicated this weekend to slowing down.  I took long walks in the woods, did yoga, felted and just took things easy. 
 Here are some balls that I made in getting ready for my upcoming shows in November.  I am having so much fun creating and making things happen :)   I am living my promise of living life with creative passion! I hope you are living your dream :)

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