Face Painting

 I am itching to share my photos from yesterday where Big Zoe, Little Zoe and Elizabeth were face painting the children.  Alfie Wizzle the elf was looking down from the seasonal wreath that hangs from our kitchen ceiling.   Graeme was so tired he fell asleep on the kitchen table.

P.S. - This morning I found Mr. Wizzle sitting on the shelf of the yoga room. If you haven't met Alfie Wizzle  there he is.


JP Stories in Bogotá said...

omg... owen looks older, but exactly the same -- the same sparkle and light in his eyes. what a charmer. and Zoe... she definitely looks very grown up, and so much like you. sending you all huge love, patrycja

The GreenLunns said...

Wizzle Sizzle.