Christmas 2010


Thanks for checking in. I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of cuddles, good food and good company.  We had a nice quiet Christmas with my parents. My mom took great care of us with yummy food and a great bed.  We spent time outside, sliding with cousins. I made a vow to really enjoy the snow this year.  To go out there and connect with my kids through nature.  They are growing so fast!  Time really does slip away.   

Zoe loves her new rabbit hat. She had spotted it at the Churchill craft fair.  I was able to secretly buy it then surprise her a month later by leaving it in her coat sleeve.

This year we all got snow shoes. We went for a little jaunt in my parents forest.  Deer tracks were everywhere.  I love the dead of winter, where the forest is quiet and still.  I love the feeling that being surrounded by trees gives me.  It's the reminder of something bigger than myself.
Earlier this afternoon, I dropped Zoe and Owen off in Arnprior where they will spend the next five days with their father.  It was hard leaving them behind.  I am now using the next few days to recharge and slow down.  I am in the hills and taking time to focus on me.  My plan is to do yoga, meditate, eat good food, take lots of baths and of course  make stuff.  Keep a close eye there will be photos and hopefully some inspiration!
Until tomorrow, for now good night. 

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