The Elf on The Shelf

 We have a new friend living with us. His name is Alfie Wizzle, he is red and an elf.   When we arrived from the bus stop yesterday afternoon we found a book on our doorstep.  The kids were perplexed as to how it got there.  The title read "The Elf on the Shelf".   We entered the house in great excitement and showed the other daycare children the book and the mystery of it's arrival continued.  Even before reading it we agreed that the Elf had brought it.

We read the book about the elf that lives in our home. He looks over the children and reports to Santa at night and comes back in the morning in a different spot in the house.  If touched the elf looses his magic.  I loved watching the children get more and more excited about this Alfie (named by them).  They started searching the house for Santa's helper.  They were sure he lived in the Christmas tree and even said they could see a small red light about the size of dime hiding in the branches and was sure it was him.  I loved that their imagination saw him in the tree!  That is how big children's imaginations are, they can see things that aren't there!  Eventually they spotted the real elf in his red suit, sitting on the window sill.

He was the object of much speculation.  Zoe my eldest who has decided this year she is a non-believer of Santa Claus really had lots of questions and was the most curious.  She really wants to believe and I don't blame her. She asked many questions and really wanted to touch him.  I still remember when and miss those days when her daily dress was dress up clothes.  I love watching her grow and at the same time I want her to keep her magical fairiness. 
This morning the elf made his way into our felted stocking, hanging in the entryway.  I love catching the children looking up at him!