The Bhakti Connection

 On Friday night (January 18th) the Bhakti Connection is bringing kirtan to Rama Lotus.  We will gather in the sky room from 19:45- 21:00.  The donations from this event will go towards our Fundraiser for Burmese/Thai refugees.  If you haven't heard yet. Zoe, Owen, Jay and I are leaving on January 27th with the goal of purchasing school supplies to a school very much in need.  So far we have raised $800.  Below you will find an interview with Amanda Porter a dear friend of mine who is a member of the Bhakti Connection. I hope you enjoy the interview and that we see you on Friday night!

For the people out there who have never experienced Kirtan, can you tell us what it's all about?

Group chanting meditation, like a concert that everyone has the opportunity to participate in either by voice or instrument or both!

Why did you call your group The Bhakti connection?
We came up with the name as a way to perfectly describe what happens during kirtan, one connects to that space of love where only loves exists and is limitless. 
This coming Friday's show you will be collecting money for our Fundraiser in Thailand and we thank you very much. What other causes have you helped with? 
Many local and international causes and supports(too many to list!!), currently we are focusing on local support, or helping local folks, like yourself, who are looking to bring funds/energy directly to a cause.
 I have heard through the grape vine that you have another album coming out.  Can you tell us a little more about that?
Yes, we will have this new album this Summer, in time for the Montreal kirtan festival, and the yoga music festival we host locally, Bhakti in the Woods!  It will also contain an electronic remixed version of one of our chants. 

What brought you to this devotion to kirtan?
My first yoga instructor invited me to a satsang, while I lived in Truro, Nova Scotia, and I was hooked! 
Your home is out in the woods and is surrounded by beautiful woods can you tell us what other aspects of your life you devote yourself to?
Personally, I'm devoted to my family, the plants and animals I keep on the farm,  keeper of the land I live on, to arts and crafting and all aspects of the creative flow, which is all held together by my strong spiritual daily practice of meditation.  The  devotion to myself is for all and everything.
 Thank you so much Amanda for the inspiration and insight. I look forward to Friday night where we get to celebrate together. You can view Amanda and other Bhakti members below.  Wow! Feel that vibration.  What a way to celebrate...


Anonymous said...

Annie... you are something else. Not only do you inspire great things... you celebrate these great things in everyone around you. Amanda is such a special soul... living her life true to herself and her values. It's a dream for so many, and she has made it her reality... in a sense, carving out that space for all the rest of us too. She looks so full of light. is that her daughter?!?! i can't believe how 'grown up' she is. People always say kids show us our age... ain't that the truth... and how remarkable. More to celebrate, honour and hold dear. In gratitude for you, P & all. xoxox

inspired moments said...

p.s. i had the pleasure of being at a session with Amanda once years ago... it is amazing. I wish I could just jet across to participate... i'll be with you all in spirit and hope the turn out is magnificent!!! It will certainly be a treasure for anyone who chooses to join in.