Happy 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I cannot believe it is 2013.  It still feels like we should be in the 90's.  Time does fly and that is why for this year I plan on taking things in stride and really sit back and enjoy the ride.  There are times where I wish things were different from what they are  but for 2013 I am going to work in gratitude and see the beauty that surrounds me.  My life is blessed with so many things and this is an exciting year with many changes.  Here is a glimpse for 2013.

On January 27th we are leaving for warm, sunny, beautiful Thailand.  I am so excited that I could burst.  It will be Zoe and Owen's first flight, first time swimming in the ocean and of course first time in a third world country.  We are all excited and nervous.  Owen is nervous for the plane ride, Zoe is nervous of the snakes and crabs and I am nervous about bringing my kids on such a big journey.  It will take us 36 hours to get there!  Washington, Frankfurt, Bangkok,  and last but not least Suratthani.  Jet lag will be a very interesting experience.  Stay tuned in because we will write our stories here for you read :)

You might wonder why I am bringing my children so far away when we could go somewhere closer like Costa Rica or something of the like.  Well Thailand holds a special place in my heart. I taught English there for 2 years and Zoe was made there.  It has always been my dream to bring my children to the land of smiles and my dream is coming true. 

As you might know our journey to Thailand is not only about lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean. We are going with a purpose.  We have raised $500 for Burmese Thai children who are in desperate need of school supplies. We would like to thank all of you who helped this dream come true.  I am really looking forward to giving my children the gift of giving.  If you want to donate there is still time!

Hatha Teacher Training

In October I started Hath Teacher Training at Rama Lotus.  Although I already teach Kundalini yoga I was looking to deepen my practice and my journey into the self.  I am loving the experience of going deeper.  We have an amazing group and it is great to immerse myself in the yogic philosophy. I feel very inspired to live in the moment and thus my 2013 New Year's resolution to be content with the moment,  where I am at,  with who I am,  and with whatever challenge, adventure, sorrow, I am faced with in any given moment.  This takes discipline and commitment and I am feeling committed.   I understand that there will be many slips and falls and opportunity for compassion towards myself on this journey into the now.  It is a life long commitment for sure!  We graduate on April 7th and already I suspect that I will miss these weekends of study, yoga and friendship but alas that is not living in the moment! 

On July 1rst my landlord is moving back into this house we have been inhabiting for the last 4 years.  This means that in the spring we will be house hunting looking for that perfect place that can give shelter to me, my children and our daycare family.  We want to stay in walking distance of Devonshire and ideally on the East side of Preston but open to other possibilities on the West side.  If you hear of any potential houses for rent at a decent price let us know.   I feel quite attached to this space as it works perfectly for us.  In my 42 years I have noticed that things always work out.  So I am putting it out there; ``universe help us find that perfect space to live and support families in our community.  I am staying open to possibility. ``


Zoe, Owen and I are also loving being part of the scouting community. Every Monday we meet our scouting friends at either a church or in the great outdoors.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be part of the scouting community.  If you have kids in cubs or were one as a kid you know that it is a great program.  The  children are guided towards leadership, activity and community.  I just love it and hope that Zoe and Owen will want to keep going right into adulthood.  I had some pictures to post of us making these great rattles out of hide but alas I accidentally erased them. 

The White House
The White House is no longer white but the name has stuck and she remains The White House in our hearts. The interior walls have gone from rotting old wood to nice, fresh smelling, pine and cedar.   My craft room walls are painted red and yellow and the ceiling blue.  Zoe and Owen both have a bedroom. There`s a kitchen and it is all coming along wonderfully. 

If you are wondering if we are moving in, the answer is: no.  It will be a great space to hang out, gather with friends, do yoga and host workshops.  Yes, workshops.  I know I have been pretty quiet on the workshop front these last few months.   I took a little break to focus on yoga and my family.  Sometimes one has to acknowledge the treadmill of life and get off for a while.  I am not there yet but in a few months Annie Bananie will reappear with workshops gallor in a wonderful space called The White House and of course in town for those who do not wish to drive up to Wakefield. Although I guarantee you, the drive is soooooooooo worth it :)

Before and...

Daycare Family 
People say to me all the time: ``I could never do your job, I do not know how you do it.``  Well I could never sit at a desk, staring at a computer all day and tackling office politics. I would rather be surrounded by little beings who run, play, laugh at my jokes and are open to kitchen dance parties.  I won`t deny that there are days that I am tired. I am human just like everyone else but seriously I love my job. I love children, they are full of magic and insight.  I am grateful for my job and the families that walk through my door.  I also love teaching yoga and giving workshops.  My job satisfaction revolves around helping people.

Of course I am grateful for so many other things like the fact that  I live in Canada, my health, my body, my car, snow (maybe not the snow banks on my street, gotta work on that one),  my family, friends, community, coffee, a fresh salad and it goes on and on.   

Gratitude is not to be underated. Think about it when we live to appreciate all that surrounds us, we learn recognize the richness of our lives.  We recognize how lucky we are to have families, communities, a roof over our heads, opportunity, and so much more.  When we practice daily gratitude we fall into a space of contentment.  We appreciate our children`s energy for life. We appreciate our jobs for the security it gives us.  We appreciate the small things like fresh sheets, a full deep breath, a hug, a clean kitchen, a mess after a great party, a kind gesture from a stranger and the list goes on.

For my new year`s resolution I am living in daily gratitude. I am writing 5 things a day that I am grateful for and I when I feel the urge I will share these tokens of gratitude with you.  Before signing off I will give my gratitude to you the reader.  I appreciate you reading my words and hope that somewhere along the way they bring inspirationCiao for now. 


The GreenLunns said...

Great post! Always inspiring. Can't wait to hear all about the trip to Thailand and all of your awesome adventures. 2013 is going to be a great year for you and your family. xoxo I'm donating $50 to the burmese kids project.

inspired moments said...

you are AMAZING!!! You inspire me and so many others in all that you do, in all that you are. Keep on being, and living, and loving, and dreaming, and believing, with such an open heart. Your passion is contagious... and it is as good for each individual soul, as it is for the universe around us. Love you bunches, P. (p.s. you should pass through Geneva on your back... ha, ha!!!)

Anonymous said...
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