Winter Lights Festival at Lady Evelyn

I just got back from Zoe and Owen's school and my heart is big.  They had a festival celebrating light and it was very touching.  I walked into the gym greeted by at least a hundred shimmering candles.  As the children gathered into the gym they sat in a circle surrounding the candles.  With the gym lights off this had a very dramatic effect. 

I was blown away by the presentations.  Zoe's class chanted the healing mantra of Ra Ma Da Sa and sent children around the world love.  Owen's class sang this little light of mine and collected money for the snowsuit fund.  

 Sending Light
One class brought the candles from the center into a circle and lyed down in the middle. The facilitator explained that everyone feels dark sometimes.  The children lying in the middle demonstrated this by lying very still.  Then they explained that at times we want to move away from the darkness but it's difficult, the children would come half way up and fall back down to the ground.  The facilitator then had the audience cup their hands and send light to the children in the middle in doing so the children rose and embodied this light.  Filled with light the children gave light back to the audience. It was beautiful, touching and needless to say there were tears in my eyes.

My Zoe has been speaking of Christmas since summer.  Do you know why?  Because she likes the gifts.  I am glad that she is in a school environment where she gets to experience that this season is not only about material things but most importantly about the heart.  Thanks Lady Evelyn and it's teachers for being so committed and doing such a great job!

I didn't have my camera at the time but will have some pics sent to me so stay tuned.

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