Adrenalin Rush

We spent our last day in Banos with a great big splash of fun. With wet suits,  helmets, and life jackets on, we hopped in a blow up raft and made our way down some class 3-4 rapids. I've experienced white water rafting down the Gangees, in India but nothing like this. The tumultuous waters jostled us around, picked  us up and threw us down.

Before the adventure our guide gave a fast food course in how to paddle like a team, what to do if you fall out, and more safety tips.  Our guy called us chico's (guys) and had great energy. I was very nervous about the kids going on such an adventure but we were very well taken care of.

We paddled down the pastaza river which eventually runs into the amazon.  Zoe and Owen both took turns sitting at the front of the boat with their feet sticking out and hanging onto the straps.  I held my breath with each wave that jumped over their heads. Zoe flipped off the boat and thankfully was able to hold on. Her face was priceless, between fear and excitement.  

We returned to our hostal on a high of excitement.  It was so much fun. I can now scratch white water rafting off of my bucket list.  I did not have my camera with me so no pics for his one. 

Instead, I leave you with these pictures of jay and I's adventure at the spa. For $6 we got a hot box steam treatment. 

It is a process of sitting in these boxes for 10 minutes then getting splashed with really cold water and then back in the hot box.  The last cold water treatment we had to sit in cold water. This had me giggling. 

It was super fun to try something new. Afterwards. we felt so relaxed and happy.
Tomorrow morning, we head for the beach and the second phase if our fundraiser which I am totally stoked about. I am so grateful for all of your donations. It feels so good to be backpacking, with a purpose of really giving back to the community.  Travelling always reminds me of all that I have, to take nothing for granted and to live from the heart in a spirit of giving to others. Jay is my example of living with a generous heart. He is as generous and kind as they come and I am so grateful for him in my life. 

I leave you now with a happy heart. Thanks for checking in and reading about our travels. I hope life is good in your world 


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